Recent Question/Assignment

This is an assignment to create your own clinic manual. It is a make up clinic you are working.
Medical clinics, offices, and hospitals all follow certain policies and procedures – which can be found in their policy/procedures manual. This assignment offers you the opportunity to build your own manual for a “made-up” medical clinic/department/office of your choice. Your created policy/procedures manual will help increase your understanding of what is required to work in the medical setting and how information must be kept updated and well documented. This assignment will also give you insight about the types of information that is required to include within an office manual in order to practice and consistently maintain office standards for all members of the health care team.
This assignment requires you to develop a policy/procedures manual for a fictitious office. It should include:
• List of staff members: their names and addresses, job title, hours of work, and billing numbers for the physicians
• Mission statement for the office
• Hours of operation for the office
• Name and address of the clinic
• Submit the manual with a title page (project title, your name, student number, date of submission, etc.)
• Table of contents of the main sections. Use dot leaders to the respective page numbers
• Main sections include: Appointment Scheduling; Asepsis in the Office; Daily Routine with Opening and Closing Checklists and During the Day Routine; Dress Code; Inventory and Supplies; Office Correspondence; Telephone Technique
• Remember, this is a reminder for the seasoned MOA as well as a check list of exactly what a new employee should do or be aware of. Be thorough, informative, methodical, and accurate. Follow the five “W’s” and How (Who, What, Where, When, Why). Do not leave any room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
Format Instructions:
• Manuals will be typed up, printed, and organized into a binder/folder/bound into a manual
• Can be in color (not required)
• Proper dividing of the sections is required – please note this is a manual for your employees to refer to on the job
• Must have a separate title page (one is your standard title page for the assignment, second title page is for your made-up medical office)
• Must reference material used from others (e.g. if using class lecture material, reference “ Sana Zargar’s OAME 257 chapter 6 lecture notes, 2020”).
• Examples of previous student work will be provided and to be used as a guide only
• Times New Roman (or Arial) size 12 font
• Double Spaced
• APA citation style (7th edition)
Rubric is as follows:
Creativity 5
Format/Title Page/Section Dividers 5
Mission Statement/Staff List/Hours of Operation 5
Table of Contents/Page Numbers 5
Appointment Scheduling/Appt. Book Protocols and Sample/Day Sheet Sample/Matrix/Scheduling Style/Time Units/Abbrev/Codes/Referrals/Surgery 20
Asepsis in the Office/Sanitizing/Disinfection/Sterilizing/Autoclave/Disease Process/Universal Precautions/Handwashing Technique 10
Daily Routine/Opening/During the Day/Closing 15
Dress Code/Do’s and Don’ts 5
Inventory and Supplies/PO/Invoices/Inventory Protocols/ Supply Types/Storage/Map 10
Office Correspondence/Letter Head/Letter Style/Punctuation Style/Mail 5
Telephone Technique/Do’s and Don’ts/Screening Calls/Message Taking/Emergency 15