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BUSM7028 Entrepreneurial Management Capabilities Q4 2022
Assessment Checklist
• Title page
o unit name, assessment name
o Idea title (with one-line “Tagline”)
o Student name, ID. Email
• Executive summary.
1. Minimum viable product (MVP)/Service (Lean Start-Up Version of MVP), description including “tagline”),
1.1 Versions
1.2 Roadmapping
2. Business Model Canvas (BMC expressed in canvas visual format):
2.1 Key Partners
2.2 Value Propositions
2.3 Channels
2.4 Customer Relationships
2.5 Customer Segments
2.6 Key Activities
2.7 Key Resources
2.8 Cost Structure
2.9 Revenue stream
2.10 Summary: Business Model Type
3. Value Proposition Canvas expressed in canvas visual format):
3.1 Customer Profile (Customer Jobs, Gains, Pains)
3.2 Value Proposition (Products & Services, Gain Creators, Pain Relievers)
3.3 Discussion on “Fit” between Customer Profile and Value Propositions
4. Competitor Analysis
4.1 Direct and Indirect Competition
5. Initial Financial Estimates
5.1 Initial market segment estimates
5.2 Initial 1-to-3-year revenue estimates
5.3 Initial 1-to-3-year profit & loss estimates
5.4 Estimated initial funding level request
5.4.1 Initial additional required resources
6. Conclusions/pitch on feasibility to take product/service onto a business plan for further investment.
• References.
• Appendices with supporting discussion and analysis for each section in the main body of the Study.
• All Submissions should conform to the Individual Feasibility Study Manuscript Template
• MS-word only.
• No assignment cover sheets - These are not required for Turnitin submissions
• Report format
• Maximum length 2,000 words (excluding references and appendices).
• Spell and grammar checked.
• Harvard WesternSYDU referencing only - see