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Assignment Report Part 2
Word count: 500 – 700 Words
eTricity has accepted your initial risk assessment report favourably. It was tabled with the Executive and after much deliberation the current leadership team have been given a reasonable budget to improve eTricity’s information risk management and security posture.
You have secured the contract for the next stage of this work. Your team is to carry out the work by completing the following by the project deadline: A business continuity management report for eTricity incorporating,
1. Introduction
2. A risk mitigation plan for the top 10-12 prioritised risks to information assets at eTricity encompassing
i. a mitigation strategy (categorised approached and explanation of the importance of your chosen assets at risk,)
ii. an internal control (categorise by applying PDC labels and a description of the controls)
Note: Do not have to write conclusion.
Note: The top 10-12 prioritised risks are:
1. IT issues
2. Keeping up with changing business demands
3. Data Breaches
4. Financial liability
5. Marketable security
6. Patents
7. A special component designs
8. RecShareOne
9. Corporate know-how
10. HR cloud
11. Customer facing web servers
12. eTric system products and services

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 767 words including References

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