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The Discipline of Information Technology in Victoria University (VU) would like to provide students with some study resources, e.g. iPads, Android phones, high performance computers, textbooks and etc, for supporting their studies in IT courses.
Current students from IT courses are able to submit a request to get relevant resource for their study in one specified unit in IT courses.
Some restrictions are listed:
1. There are more than one IT courses in VU now, and each course has multiple units.
2. Different courses may share units.
3. Each unit has some specifications for extra resources requirements.
4. Students’ requests should be approved by the unit teacher in prior to getting the resources.
5. All recourses will be allocated in a first-come-first-serve priority
6. For some valuable resources, for example the high performance computers, each student can only get one at the same time.
You are appointed as a requirement engineer to analysis and design an application – Study Resources Request and Allocation for IT discipline of VU.
There are some more details about the system:
1. The students are able to access the system from a browser or an app in their mobile phone.
2. It requires registration to use the system. Students need to register account using their VU email as account name. And student can login to the system when and only when they have verified their VU email address.
Please answer the following questions:
Question 1 (10 marks):
Identifying and Understanding Requirements is a crucial activity in Software development process. Suppose you are asked to elicit the requirements from stakeholders for the above scenario. In relevant to the above Case Study, List at least five functional requirements and five non-functional requirements.
Question 2 (25 Marks)
What is use case and why it is important in requirement elicitation phase? Draw the use case diagram for the above scenario. You should define and draw all kind of possible relationships (include, extend, initiate, participate, inheritance) between use cases.
Question 3 (10 Marks)
Provide the use case description diagram for requesting high performance computer by a registered user.
Question 4 (25 Marks)
Draw the class diagram for the above scenario. Add attributes and methods when necessary and include the visibility modifiers (public, private, etc.) as required. Make sure to label the associations and specify the multiplicity of the classes in the associations.
Question 5 (20 Marks)
Draw the sequence diagrams for the following business events from the scenario- A new student attempts to register an account.
Question 6 (10 Marks)
Identify at least 5 objects from the scenario. Specify which are entity objects, which are boundary objects, and which are control objects and provide a brief explanation.

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