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BSBCUS201 Deliver a service to customers
BSBCUS201 Deliver a service to customers
Due date – 12 October 22
Reference style – simple copy link and paste I need reference after every question like this -
Total words -750
Q -1. Explain why organisational policies and procedures relating to customer service are important?
List 3 relevant policies and/or procedures (50-100 words)
Q-2. Explain how you would use appropriate interpersonal skills to facilitate accurate and relevant exchange of information with customers.
Q-3. How would you maintain sensitivity to customer’s specific needs, cultural, family, individual differences and priority of the service? Provide 2 reasons why it is important to maintain sensitivity to customers specific needs.
Q-4. Provide three examples of product and service information in different formats that provide customer information or advice.
Q- 5. Customer feedback is important in any business. Design a feedback sheet that could be used to record and document customer feedback.
Section 2 Overview
To be marked competent in this unit, students must respond to all points in the project. Answers must be comprehensive, detailed, demonstrate appropriate research procedures and be supported by suitable references.
Read these two scenarios and answer the questions that follow.

Scenario 1

Mrs Smith purchased a computer printer. The printer operated effectively and efficiently for three months and one day. She is a regular customer and quite angry as she had purchased this model on the technical advice given and wishes to lodge a formal complaint.

Scenario 2

Mr Jones purchased a series of textbooks and required them to be delivered to this office before the end of the month. You were able to organise delivery before the end of the week. He has called in to compliment you and your organisation on the service provided.
Q-1 What are the customer’s needs (both met and unmet) in each scenario? Explain how you determined their needs?
Q-2. Provide a detailed account of how you would handle each situation/scenario. Include information regarding policies and procedures as a representative of your organisation.
Q-3. What can you do to prevent the situation from happening again in scenario one?
Q-4 Watch the following clip and outline the procedure for customer complaints and refer to any organisational policies, procedures or documents. upset customer - handling issue
Q-5 Explain what you can do with customer feedback and how it can benefit an organisation.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 781 words including References


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