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RESOURCES are attached
Emotional Intelligence quiz :
Self awareness quiz :
Assignment Instructions
This assessment is in 2 parts:-
Develop your leadership development plan (equivalent to 1200 words)
Developing your strategy (approximately 800 words)
a) Develop your leadership development plan
In module 1 you completed quizzes on your Leadership style and Emotional Intelligence. Reflect on the results of these quizzes and Identify areas you would like to develop and why.
You may like to repeat the quizzes and compare any differences from when you started the unit.
Take an inventory of your current leadership skills and experiences. Undertake a SWOT analysis or refer to the one you did in module 1 and review your insights from the Johari window exercise
Reflect on the types of leadership you have experienced and identify your current career stage.
Determine your short (1-3 years), and long term (4-10 years) career goals. For example, a career goal could be the desire to be a stage III leader where you develop and manage others.
Identify the leadership skills and experiences needed to attain each of your goals.
Module 4 provides information and resources for creating a leadership development plan. Complete the template using the resources provided to create an action plan identifying the necessary leadership skills and experience needed to attain your short-term and long-term career goals. Include a realistic timeline to gain the leadership skills and experiences needed.
(b) Developing your strategy
After completing your leadership plan reflect on your strengths and identify some key areas that you need to develop further. Create a strategy to develop one of these skills to promote safety and quality in an area of your clinical practice or health care environment.
Your Strategy and Discussion (800 words)
Using your leadership development plan as a guide generate a strategy to develop your skills as a leader to be an advocate for safety and quality initiatives in your practice area.
Choose one skill and relate the skill to an area of practice associated with a safety and quality initiative such as :-
One of the many NSQHS standards
Aged Care Quality Standards
National Palliative Care Standards:
Mental Health Standards
Provide some context to your practice area and relate your strategy to specific standards or initiatives.
Discuss how are you going to develop your skills in this area?
Example: If you want to develop your leadership skills in participating or leading a quality project or audit. Relate this to a standard such as one of the NSQHS standards such as :-
Clinical Governance Standard
Partnering with Consumers Standard
Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection Standard
Medication Safety Standard
Comprehensive Care Standard
Communicating for Safety Standard
Blood Management Standard
Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration Standard
Table 1 ( Attached appendix 3) provides an example of how to develop your strategy. Please note you can complete a table to illustrate the alignment of your goals with the relevant standard, however you need to present your strategy in a discussion supported by relevant literature.
Assignment Format:
Reflection: Your leadership skills and discuss your leadership development plan
Attach and submit your completed Leadership Development Plan using the template as an appendix
Discussion: developing your strategy for achieving one of your goals in relation to a safety and quality initiative in your practice (You may include a table as an appendix if you choose).
References (APA 7th)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2671 words including References

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