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OPM 220 Assignment #1 - Interview a Department Head Report
Report due: Oct 11, 2022
Deliverable #2: Written Report 8-15 pages
Analysis of Hotel Department Management Below:
Sheraton Parkway, Richmond Hill Ontario
The team assignment is to analyze the relationship between theory from the text and other resources and practice in that department.
To accomplish this assignment, among the things the team must do, is to have a meeting, pick a department you are interested in or where one of the members has a contact and arrange an interview with the manager of that department. The questions that you will formulate for this interview should be generated as a result of the reading of the literature and class discussion and basically formulated around the following five major categories that are important to understanding the department's functions/roles.
They must generate questions along these lines from class and readings:
1. Mission of the Department – How does this department fit in the big picture of the hotel's organization? 5 marks
2. People – Who are the personnel, what are their jobs, what are the opportunities? What are the good points and challenges about working in this department? What are the Practical realities of work in this department? 15 marks

3. Interactions – How does this department connect to other departments in the hotel? With which departments does it work most closely? Which departments does it not interact with on a regular basis? 5 marks
4. Management – Who are the managers of this department? What is a typical career track for these people? Where do they go from here? 5 marks
5. Issues – What are the major issues that the managers and staff of this department face on a regular basis? How are these issues resolved? Are these issues common to all hotels, or are they unique to this hotel or this type of hotel? 20 marks
6. Budget – What are the major “budget variables?” How do they vary? What sort of Authority does the manager have over the budget? 10 marks
Basic requirements of the paper:
? Introduction - Describe location, size, type of property and major market segments.
? Chain of command for the hotel property including all the major departments - a hotel organization chart would be helpful here but be sure to describe verbally the key -Chain of Command- relationships.
? Identify the department as either a cost or profit center. Describe the major expense or revenue components.
? Describe the functional relationships and tasks of the department under study. (What do they do?)
? Describe the department's contribution to the hotel's marketing strategies. Be sure to include aspects of both internal and external marketing activities.
? Conclusion and in-depth discussion of what principles and theories you have learned from textbook and class that were specific to the department you analyzed. How does theory work in practice?
• Include the interview questions (and their sources) and a copy of the thank you hand written letter and the addressed and stamped envelope written to the manager as an appendix.
• Must be typed and double-spaced--maximum 12-point type. Paper should be a maximum of 15 pages (not including cover sheet, table of contents and appendices).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2803 words including References

Sheraton Parkway, Richmond Hill Ontario- Kitchen and Food Production Department

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