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Submission: The Individual Feasibility Study MS-Word file must be submitted to Turnitin via vUWS (no additional coversheets or files are required) and will be marked using Feedback Studio
Format: 2,000-word Individual Feasibility Study in Report Format Note: There are two submissions required for this assessment: 1. Ideation Proposal (Non-Assessable, 3 Pages, Due Week 3) 2. Feasibility Study (40%, 1,000 Words, Due Week 7)
Length: 2,000 words
Curriculum Mode: Report
Each student will experience the Innovation Cycle through individual activities from ideation through to the development of an individual feasibility study using new methods for evaluating new products, services, processes, business models, and customer value. There are two stages to producing the Individual Feasibility Study:
1. Ideation Proposal
2. Individual Feasibility Study
1. Ideation Proposal
The first step in the Innovation Cycle is -Ideation- where each student will develop an initial product/service idea that must be original and not currently available in Australia.
Products or services in markets outside Australia will not be accepted unless a complete redesign of the product and associated services is required - and permission will be at the discretion of the unit coordinator. The initial product/service idea may be developed as a new business or as a new venture within an existing business.
Some ideas may be accepted even if they appear to be a long way from commercialisation - after rigorous research, check with your coordinator if you are unsure about the development status of your idea.
As a guide, students should preferably select an idea based on technologies and options out of the list below
- Semantic web
- Biometric technologies
- Telehealth
- COVID-19 Related Solutions
- Advanced analytics
- 3D-printing
- Wearable technologies
- Mobile cloud
- Big data analytics
- Artificial Intelligence (Al) in Health, Finance or other Sectors
- Internet of Things (IOT)
- Speech to speech translations
- Mobile health monitoring
- Gesture technology
- Telematics
- Human augmentation
- Gamification
- Digitisation technologies
- Renewable Energy Production and Measurement
- Social Enterprise
Note: Students must rigorously research their idea to understand if it may already be in prototype or launched into other markets, or likely to be launched into Australia in 2022/23.
Students are encouraged to submit proposals as soon as they explore and formulate their ideas.
Submission Requirements (Ideation Proposal):
- All submissions must be completed using the Ideation Proposal Manuscript Template MS-Word file.
- Submit MS-Word File via Turnitin by 6.00 pm Tuesday 3 October 2022 (Note: This Deadline May Be Varied At the Discretion of the Unit Coordinator)
- The maximum length is 2 Pages (excluding References and Appendices)
- Harvard WesternSYDU referencing must be used in this assessment (examples are set up in the Individual Essay Manuscript Template) - see
- WSU Assignment Cover Sheets are NOT required for Turnitin Submission
Students will also be expected to informally present their idea in the Online Ideation Workshop on Monday 24 October 2022 (Week 6) (Note: this requirement may be varied at the discretion of the Unit Coordinator)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 937 words including References

The topic of ideation proposal is internet of things

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