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COM10007 Professional Communication Practice
Assessment: Worksheet
Individual: Individual Assignment
Due Date: Week 8
Upload either Word file or PDF file on Canvas
(check date on Canvas)
Mark: 20% of assessment mark
Word Count: 250 words per question
2000 words for all eight questions
Area of Learning: Week 1 to 8 on Canvas
Each week within your tutorial, there are a set of questions that will be discussed. These
questions are found under Modules – Week 1 Tutorial Worksheet and so on. There are 8
questions that will be completed in the tutorial during the semester (week 1 to 8).
One question from each week has been selected for deeper analysis and to be handed in
as a Worksheet. The following should be considered in answering your questions:
- Information from authoritative references to support your answer.
- Answers can include discussions from your time spent in the tutorial. If you are
not in the tutorial, then answers can include comments from authoritative
authors online.
- Answers can include your own personal work experience.
- Answers can include other peers’ personal examples discussed in the tutorial. If
you are not in the tutorial then provide support from authors online.
- The student is able to critically analyse and explain their answers.
- Grammar, punctuation, spelling, well formatted answers.
- Swinburne Harvard referencing style.
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Week 1: Tutorial Worksheet
Q4. Refer to the following analysis from Deliotte. Soft Skills for Business Success.
Open up the report and read the Executive Summary.
a. Which soft skills do you think you are good at and why? Provide an example (can be a
workplace or university or personal example).
Maximum 250 words
Week 2: Tutorial Worksheet
2. Refer to the following mediums of communication: Email, SMS, Radio, Phone
Conversation. Refer to the Communication Process Model and explain what types of
noise can affect at least two or all of these mediums. Give an example to explain your
Maximum 250 words
Week 3: Tutorial Worksheet
Q4. There are six principles in persuasion put forward by theorists Robert Cialdini. Explain
showing examples.
Maximum 250 words
Week 4: Tutorial Worksheet
5. Explain Hofstedes dimensions of cultural values. Choose 2 dimensions (Individualism,
Masculinity, Power Distance, Uncertainty avoidance, Long-term orientation and
Indulgence). Explain these 2 dimensions between 2 countries showing examples. You can
use the following link for information or personal examples.
Maximum 250 words
Week 5: Tutorial Worksheet
Q6. Search for a purchase warranty and find points where the wording may be hard to
understand. Explain why you believe the communication may be deliberately hard to
understand. What are the ethical issues?
Maximum 250 words
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Week 6: Tutorial Worksheet
Q4. There has never been a time when there were more ways to communicate with
another person. Why is a personal letter still important in the workplace? When should
you expect to be sent a personal letter in the workplace?
Maximum 250 words
Week 7: Tutorial Worksheet
Q4. What are the issues associated with searching for and referencing information from
the internet? How do you ensure information is valid and reliable?
Maximum 250 words
Week 8: Tutorial Worksheet
Q1. Watch this clip on YouTube on Non-Verbal Communication.
b) Do you think that non-verbal communication is more important, especially as we are
communicating less face to face.
Maximum 250 words

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2369 words including References

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