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Subject Code and Name CHM601 Contemporary Hotel Marketing
Assessment Supplementary Assessment
Individual/Group Individual
Length Between 1500-2000 words
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a. Explain the rationale and process of developing a
marketing strategy.
b. Analyse and evaluate market opportunities and trends.
c. Locate, appraise and interpret market and consumerintelligence.
d. Create an integrated marketing strategy based on supporting evidence and develop a corresponding action plan.
e. Develop a set of criteria to continuously monitor marketingopportunities, to measure marketing success and to determine strategic adjustments in accordance with organisational objective.
f. Formulate a set of key performance indicators to measurethe success of a marketing plan and prioritise the marketing activities.
Submission Due by deadline notified by the Academic Services Officer. (Due date will be five (5) business days from the date of notification)
Weighting 50% Supplementary Pass/Fail
Total Marks Not Applicable.
This supplementary assessment will not be awarded a mark but will be graded against the marking rubric or criteria as a Supplementary Pass of 50% or a Fail.
Assessment Task
Read the following article
This article explores seven (7) hotel marketing trends in 2022. In report format address the following:
Select three (3) of the identified trends in hotel marketing and explore their implications and how you would employ these trends in the development of your strategic hotel marketing plan.
Tense: Third person
Style: Report form – grammatically correct
Size: 11 point
Spacing: 1.5 lines
Justification: Fully justified
Indentation: First line
Referencing: APA 7th Edition accepted. No footnotes.
Submission instructions are as per accompanying communication.
Take note of the deadline.
Report Structure
1. BMIHMS Cover Page 2. Introduction
You need to define what you are going to talk about in your report. All reports are written for a purpose – what is the purpose of your report? Then what will you be covering.
3. Body of Report (use headings and where needed subheadings)
Each paragraph within the body of the report elaborates on one major point (in this case a specific strategy) in the development of the overall discussion (although some points may consist of a number of sub-points, each of which will need a paragraph). The main point in each paragraph needs to be clearly stated in the form of a topic sentence,(the paragraphs first sentence) which is then supported with evidence.
Trend 1 – its implications and application in hotel marketing and how you would employ it in your marketing plan.
Trend 2 – its implications and application in hotel marketing and how you would employ it in your marketing plan.
Trend 3 – its implications and application in hotel marketing and how you would employ it in your marketing plan.
4. Conclusion
In the conclusion: You need to state the three key trends strategies proposed and why they are relevant to hotel marketing. Avoid introducing new material.
5. Reference List
Your reference list must contain references the above article and draw from the essential text (Reid & Bojanic) and a minimum of 8 credible academic sources. Please note the link provided.
Reid, R.D., & Bojanic, D.C., Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition, Wiley Publishers Available online in the school library.
Supplementary Assessment
Assessment Attributes Fail
(Yet to achieve minimum standard)
0-49% Pass
Application of knowledge to practice (20%) Uses a limited range of information as the basis of recommended strategies proposed. Did not apply course work or theory. Adequately utilises information from a variety
of sources as the basis of recommended strategies proposed. Limited application of coursework or theory.
Appropriateness of Marketing Strategies Proposed (50%) Strategies proposed not clear or relevant to outcome sought. Limited relevance of marketing strategies proposed to outcome sought.
Evaluation and Justification of Strategies (20%) Limited understanding of key concepts required to support discussion of strategies Resembles a recall or summary of key ideas. /confuses assertion of personal opinion with information substantiated by evidence.
Effective Communication (10%) Line of discussion difficult to understand, no logical/ clear structure, poor flow of ideas lacking in evidence and poor expression Information, discussion and evidence are presented in a way that is not always clear and logical.
Supplementary Assessment CHM601 Page 4 of 4

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1849 words including Figures and References

Title: CHM601 Contemporary Hotel Marketing

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