Recent Question/Assignment

You got the job! Now what? This could be the beginning of a wonderful career. You want to make a good first impression, and you should use this opportunity to invest in your future. What do you imagine your first day will be like? Write at least 2-3 pages addressing any or all of the following topics, and others you might discover. Please make sure your work is edited, as always.
What will you wear? What is appropriate for your first day at work? (Include photos if you like.)
What questions will you ask on your first day, and who will you ask ?
How will you win trust and gain credibility with your coworkers?
Are there things you can do to make a good first impression?
Do some research and discover what happens on the first day at your new job and how you can be prepared!
At least two properly formatted references are included on your References page. (10 Points)
2-3 complete pages of content (not including cover page, references, and (if you include them) photos. (60 points for content )
Use proper research paper format, including title page and reference page. (15 points)
Edit your work! (15 points)