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Question 1
“Due to the unprecedented sanctions imposed under COVID-19 measures, especially with the closure of national boarders, the entire global airline sector is on life support as it struggles to survive. It concerns me greatly whether those airlines that survive the coronavirus pandemic will maintain the requisite levels of financing to ensure air travel remains safe. For this to happen, airline executives will need to support such expenditure and governments will need to remain vigilant to ensure that they do.”
Bartsch R, The Corona Dilemma, p 62.
Considering the importance of airline’s change management processes give an overview of the nature and scope of hazards that need to be considered as international airlines recommence regular services post COVID-19 restrictions.
Question 2
On Oct. 29, 2018, Lion Air Flight 610, a Boeing 737 MAX, crashed shortly after takeoff into the Java Sea near Indonesia. All 189 passengers and crew on board died. Less than a year later nn March 10, 2019, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, a Boeing 737 MAX, crashed shortly after takeoff near Ejere, Ethiopia. All 157 passengers and crew on board died.
Based on your understanding of organisational accidents what were the main causal factors associated with these accidents? Provide an overview of these factors and suggestions how these factors could have been eliminated or mitigated.
Question 3
The objective for the 2013 introduction of Annex 19 Safety Management by the ICAO was to provide increased safety standards (and risk reduction) throughout the civil aviation sector. Using a country case study (eg Australia) or industry sector study (eg airline operations) provide an account of whether this objective had been achieved.

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