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Each individual group member is required to critically evaluate the selected disruptive technology and analyse its implications on a particular department of the hotel. For example: Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Front Desk, Finance. Your analysis should answer the following questions
I have chosen the EOS hotel (human resource department) . The disruptive technology is mobile apps and software’s.
Answer in just 250 words
1) How can the selected technology be applied to the context of your department? (i.e. what are the ways in which it can be used to optimise and improve over all the performance of the department?)
2) What could be the potential outcomes if you are to implement the proposed technology in your department? ii. Who would this innovation benefit?
3) Do you foresee any challenges or risks associated with the implementation? For example, with relation to cost, infrastructure, skills and capabilities required.
4) What are your roles and responsibilities as the department manager during implementation?
5) What competitive advantage would this project give your organisation?
6) Does the investment make sound business sense?
7) identify opportunities for intrapreneurship, cross-department collaboration and service / systems innovation, due to implementing your selected disruptive technology
your individual responses (up to 280 words )
(Sample not to be copied at any cost)
Hotel Hilton (Housekeeping Department)
A) The customer can use the mobile application to contact the housekeeping department whenever service is required such as cleaning, vacuuming, or washing floors avoiding the hassle of calling repeatedly (Gibbs et al., 2016).
B) (i) Implementing the mobile application technology in housekeeping will result in operational efficiency as employees will immediately get notification through the app whenever their assistance is required by customers (Kim et al., 2014). The chances of missing the calls by customers will be minimized as employees will directly get the notifications resulting in timely delivery of service to customers.
(ii) This innovation possesses the potential to benefit both customers and the organization. Customers can get timely service delivery and prevent the hassle of interacting with staff. (Morosan & DeFranco et al., 2016).
C) The challenge pertaining to the cost might be faced by the hotel in the implementation of a mobile application in the housekeeping department because the app needs to be configured on an official smartphone given to housekeeping employees and the bandwidth of Wi-fi should also be increased.
D) The HOD is required to convey the detailed functionalities of the application to ensure that all housekeeping tasks are executed smoothly because it is regarded as the most critical department of the hotel (Bulchand-Gidumal & Melian-Gonzalez, 2015).
E) The enhanced service quality standards can result in customer satisfaction that will benefit in terms of attaining higher occupancy rates, sales volume, and profitable returns (Bertan et al., 2016).
F) Yes, in terms of business this particular investment is viable and profitable because it will contribute to attaining customer satisfaction with the improvements in service quality standards.
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