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MGN565 Consulting and change management
Semester 2 2022
Foreseeable Futures Report
Learning Outcomes Unit Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 4 and AOL goals: KS (1.1,1.2), HO (2.1; 2.2)
Assessment Type Individual Report
Length 2000
Weighting 50%
Due Date Friday 2 September (week 6) by 11.59pm AEST
How to Submit Blackboard
In accordance with university policy, failure to upload your assignment to Blackboard by the due date or without an approved extension will result in a grade of 1, or 0%.
Assessment item 1 assesses your ability to draw on your research skills, discipline knowledge, higher order thinking and capacity for reflection to identify implications of one of three 20-30-year scenarios for:
1) your industry, or
2) your organisation, or
3) your profession.
The environments within which most business organisations operate are characterised by increasing levels of uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility. Scenario planning interventions are being increasingly used to help business leaders make sense in these increasingly turbulent environments. This assignment focusses on building your scenario planning and intervention skills. You will use a Mind Mapping tool to help you develop and generate your scenarios.
Using your scenario building discussions in class and your own research, prepare a report which:
1. Presents your three possible future scenarios.
2. Nominates one scenario which you will chose to focus on.
3. Justifies your choice of focal scenario.
4. Highlights and discusses a number of reasoned implications (minimum 3, maximum 6) for your selected domain (your industry, your organisation or your profession) of your chosen scenario. Each implication should explore the change management issues that would arise.
1. Introduction – the purpose and significance of scenario planning.
2. Present your three possible future scenarios.
3. Nominate the possible future scenario you will focus on and justify your choice linking to the significance to your choice of domain (industry, organisation, profession).
4. Present 3 to 6 resultant implications.
• Implication 1 (consistent with your claim) – provide a reasoned argument of the implication for your domain including change management and change leadership challenges and opportunities such as strategy, structures, development and so on, that may arise…..
• Implication 2
• Implication 3
• Implication 4 etc.
5. Conclusion.
6. Reference list. Please use APA7 format for all referencing. See Cite-Write – refer to Studywell on the Library website
Appendices. Add your mind map at the end as an appendix. You can take a screenshot of the map and add it into a Word document as a picture – this ensures it will not be distorted etc.
1. Format your document using a professional 11 point font and 1.5 line spacing with standard (default) borders using Word. Include your name and student number as a header or a footer (i.e. your name appears on every page) and number every page.
2. Check for any spelling and/or grammatical errors i.e. use your spell and grammar checker and ensure you use professional business language.
3. Word count – all words (excluding the title page and reference list) are included in the word count. A 10% +/- tolerance will be accepted without penalty. Words in tables are also counted in the word count. Words in the mind map are not included in the word count.
4. On completion, check that you have addressed all the assessment criteria (CRA).
5. Check that you have met all of the above requirements and then submit your assignment to Blackboard.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2607 words including References and Appendices

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