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Please ask your expert to read the tasks properly - (Please be nice with me because last assignment your expert delivered my part wrong and I was cracking down to fixed)
The case study analysis will be done by using the information in the Brand Report Card by Kevin Lane Keller (Available here: and the theory you gained during this trimester.
Each question is worth 10 marks.
McDonald's ( I've chosen Mc Donalds)
1. How does the brand excel at delivering the benefits customers truly desire?
2. How does the brand stay relevant?
3. How is the pricing strategy based on the consumer’s perception of value?
4. Is the brand positioned properly?
5. Is the brand consistent with their marketing program?
6. Does the brand portfolio and hierarchy make sense?
7. Does the brand make use of and co-ordinates a full repertoire of marketing activities to build brand equity?
8. Do you believe the brand understands what is means to the consumers, e.g. ‘who am I?’
9. Do you believe the company who owns the brand itself offers proper ongoing marketing programs to support the brand?
10. In your opinion, do you see evidence that the brand monitor’s its resources of brand equity
Basically, the answers to 10 questions must reach 2500 words.
The Case study analyse should be comprised of the following sections outlined as a guide. See your lecture notes, readings, and references for information about the following sections that are to be included in the Case study report:
1.0 Table of Contents
2.0 Background information about the selected company, its history, and product portfolio
3.0 Analysis of the Branding, Brand Value, and Brand Equity of the selected company through the use of the Brand Report Card Report by Kevin Lane Keller ( Hints: Please refer to the 10 questions listed above) 4.0 References
This assessment must be compiled in report format.
• An executive summary is NOT required.
• Use suitable headings and subheadings for the information presented, and page numbers should appear on each page of the document – ideally in either the header or footer.
• Assessments should not be written from a 1st person context, but rather from the 3rd person perspective. That is, “I, we, my, our” are not acceptable.
• All claims and recommendations are to be supported by suitable and relevant marketing and/or theoretical principles and their relevant references.
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