Recent Question/Assignment

Q-1. Apart from physical activity, name 6 other factors that contribute to a healthy body
Q- 2. Consider 3 examples of Health Promotion programs/activities that occur in your workplace for clients and/or staff. Explain how each program works and how it is beneficial to maintaining healthy functioning of the body.
Q-3. How does the body maintain normal body temperature?
Q-4. Explain the musculo-skeletal system
Q-5. Describe i) how the lymphatic system works, and ii) what role in the prevention of infection does it have?
Q-6. What is Congestive Heart Failure and, ii) what body systems are affected by it
Q-7. Explain i) how diverticulitis affects the bowel, and ii) what symptoms the patient may be experiencing
Q- 8. Where is the i) structure of the digestive system and, ii) how does it work?
Q- 9. Explain how diverticulitis affects the digestive system
Q- 10. Describe the i) structure and ii) function of the urinary system.
Q- 11. Explain urinary retention?
Q-12. How does the body maintain fluid and electrolyte (including pH) balance?
Q-13. What is the i) structure and, ii) function of the integumentary system?
Q- 14. Explain how the nervous system works
Scenario 1
You are working with a patient who is 6 months pregnant with twins. Ensure your answers link back to this scenario.
Q-15. Explain the i) structure and ii) function of both the male and female reproductive systems.
Q-16. What are the 7 main glands of the endocrine system, and what function does the endocrine system perform?