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NUR258 Clinical Case Scenario Guide
Title: Clinical Case Scenario
Value: 40%
Due Date: submit within 10 working days of completing clinical placement.
Word limit: 2000 words +/- 10%
Choose a client while on clinical placement who is experiencing one of the mental health disorders covered in NUR258 (If your client has several diagnosed mental health issues, select only the predominant clinical issue for the purpose of this assessment).
From your observation of the nursing care, write a clinical case scenario. In your report, you should describe:
1. The person’s situation, including their understanding of the admission
2. Relevant clinical history
3. Current mental state and any other important clinical data (the MSE)
4. Two Priority short-term recovery-focused nursing interventions with an evidence-based rationale.
5. A brief evaluation of clinical outcomes.
Each of these sections should be under a separate sub-heading.
Important Notes
- A minimum of 10 sources are required for this assessment. These should primarily be peer-reviewed journal articles.
- Download the rubric, as this will be used to mark your assessment.
- Write in paragraphs. Do not use dot points.
- Structure your report with concise headings to guide the reader.
- No interview is required for the purpose of this assignment.
- Ensure the client is not identifiable. Pay particular attention to avoid a level of detail about unique signs and symptoms or circumstances so that a person working with the client, a friend or family, or community member, would be able to recognise them.
NUR258 Clinical Case Scenario Guide
Word Limit: 2000 words +/- 10%
Font: Calibri 11pt (or Times New Roman 12pt or Arial 10pt)
Line spacing: Double
Referencing style: APA 7th edition
Header: Student ID (digits) no name, unit code
Footer: Total word count, page number
File format: .doc or .docx
Language: Dont write in the first person (-I talked to the patient-, -I think-). Write in the third person (no -I-, -me- etc).