Recent Question/Assignment

GBD230 Group Assignment (17.5%)
Sunnyhill Health & Racquet Club (SHRC), 75points
PART 1: Excel/Quantitative Inputs (40 points)
T accompanying excel file has 7 corresponding spreadsheets and one instructional. Each tab is numbered (1-6) corresponding to the following questions. Input data in yellow highlighted cells and the main dashboard (“master” spreadsheet) will auto-populate. Rationalize your inputs.
1. “Goal and Capital Raised” (5 points)
a. How much money (goal/objective) do you think the club’s board should look to achieve (i.e., $2,000,000 for new building; $800,000 for full renovation; $143,000 to make just the necessary improvements)?
b. Do you think selling a lot (or both) is a good financial strategy? Why/Why not?
2. “Membership Prices & Numbers” (8 points)
a. Do you propose an increase in membership fees? How much?
b. Do you think any “new” category of membership should exist? Why? Why not?
c. How might price increases affect membership numbers?
d. Is it possible that price increases could lead to higher membership numbers?
3. “Revenue Special Events” (8 points)
a. Do you foresee any changes to this revenue category?
b. What additional events could be added?
c. How much revenue could be generated?
d. Are there any limitations to new/existing events?
4. “Revenue Outside Rentals” (5 points)
a. How many “outside” rentals would you propose each year?
b. Is the pricing associated with current rentals appropriate? Would you change the fee schedule? To what? Why?
5. “Projected Expenses” (6 points)
a. When implementing a budget for expenses for the next five years, does anything stand out?
b. How does the depreciation expense affect the club’s operations?
6. “Loan Financing Schedule” (8 points)
a. What interest rate did you choose on any debt? Why?
b. How much are you proposing to repay each year?
c. Do you have any “caution” signs on your Excel spreadsheet? Why?
d. Are you proposing to make anniversary or pre payments? What do these accomplish?
PART 2: Discussion/Qualitative Questions (35 points)
1. What are the “risks” to the SHRC’s long-term sustainability if: (10 points)
a. Just the basic maintenance requirements are completed?
b. Major renovations (or a new building) is constructed?
c. Which do you feel poses the greater threat to the club’s sustainability? Why?
2. Discuss the role/existence of different customer segments to a business. (5 points)
a. What is your perspective of the SHRC’s segments?
b. Discuss the “tension” around the different segments (customer value going forward vs. customer loyalty from past purchases).
3. Discuss the role of “debt” as a form of leverage for a business (most strategies in the current case will require the use of debt). (5 points)
a. What are the biggest risks to the club taking on debt?
b. Is debt inherently bad?
4. Produce a list of pros and cons for divesting the land and generating significant funds to pay for any proposed renovation to SHRC. (5 points)
5. How do you think price increases are best introduced? (5 points)
6. How might you prioritize the list of offerings the club is considering in its potential renovation plans? (5 points)