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Assessment Two
Management Attributes and Skills
Week 9
Sunday 10thh July 2022 at 2355
Word Limit. 1200 words (+/- 10%)
Essay Question
Research suggests that a key component of leadership is being emotionally connected to others and understanding how emotions affect working relationships and performance. Some suggest that leaders who are more expressive and can read emotions of others are more influential than leaders without these skills.
Do you agree? Why or why not? In your response, please use example of leaders to support your arguments.
In your essay you are required to:
• Respond in the correct essay format with cover page, introduction, body and conclusion
• Write in the 3rd person
• Use a minimum of six relevant academic references not older that 2015.
• Use Harvard Referencing including appropriate in – text citations
Marking Rubric
Fulfilment of overall task intent
10 marks Sophisticated concepts communicated through advanced use of technique. Exceeds or refines the basic task requirements. Material presented is strongly linked to task; comprehension of task is high. Sound conceptual development, problems encountered have been satisfactorily solved, resulting in well-presented work Broadly completed but some parts are superficially treated, misunderstood or nearly overlooked. Not completed: numerous parts are superficially treated, misunderstood or overlooked.
Discussion of leadership theories
(critical thinking)
10 marks Creative or reflective processing of theories; understanding of how and why they are used; critical and evaluative thinking.
The paper includes only the information relevant to the task. Relevant leadership approach and theory, demonstrating a detailed understanding with relevant examples. Critical or evaluative thinking about how concepts/theories are applied; little inaccuracy or misunderstanding.
The paper points to specific examples to illustrate the comparison. The paper includes only the information relevant to the task. Relevant concepts, etc. applied in a generally.
Only described the theories approach and could have demonstrated a greater level of understanding through better explanation or use of examples. Superficially the paper addresses the
task, but the supporting information is incomplete. The paper includes information that is not relevant to the task. Failed to address
the task. Did not meet requirement of the task
Essay Structure and
5 marks The essay is well structured, with a clear framework. The essay is interesting, clearly expressed, with few errors.
Greater 6 highly relevant academic references are cited and well-integrated in the essay, with appropriate formatting using the Harvard Referencing Style. The essay has a clear structure and framework. The essay is well written, with few errors.
Academic references (at least 6) support the essay, with mostly appropriate citations and reference formatting using the Harvard Referencing Style. The essay structure could be clearer. Some expression is unclear with grammatical, vocab and/or spelling errors.
References may be either insufficient, inappropriate, not well integrated, cited or formatted. ( 6 ref) The essay structure is poor. Expression is unclear, with many grammatical, vocab and/or spelling errors, making it difficult to understand large sections of the essay.
References may be either insufficient, inappropriate, poorly integrated, cited or formatted. References are inappropriate, insufficient,
poorly cited and formatted.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1621 words including References

Topic: Management Attributes and Skills

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