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Diagnosis: Mrs Smith is positive for Covid 19. X-Ray of Right shoulder and Hip indicates there is no fracture. MRI Brain is clear.
After reading the case study carefully, please answer the following questions based on the diagnosis given. Note the suggested word limits for each question.
Discuss all the links in the chain of infection in relation to the diagnosis (Covid 19).(100 words)
a) Outline Standard Precautions.
b) Identify the appropriate Transmission-Based precaution and discuss the relevant strategies a nurse should implement to prevent infection transmission with rationale. (250 words)
3. Based on the case study, discuss in detail therapeutic communication strategies the nurse would implement to provide person-centred care to Mrs. Smith. (200 words)
4. a) Discuss the components of Neurological Assessment (physical assessment only) and relate them to case study. (200 words)
b) Briefly discuss Neurovascular Assessment for the upper limbs (physical assessment only) and relate it to case study. (200 words)
5. Discuss the relevant musculoskeletal assessment (physical assessment only) and relate it to case study. (150 words)
6. Identify and discuss three evidence-based nursing management strategies to prevent future falls for Mrs. Smith in the clinical setting with rationale. (200 words)
NOTE: All responses MUST BE relevant to case study.
Word limit in the Brackets is approximate estimate each question response requires.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1695 words including References

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