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here is the assessment I need your best expert in a business proposal for this.
Provide a professionally structured, written, and presented document
The Client: The client has funds to invest in one league only, and will only invest if 20 clubs are in place by 2030, and all states and territories in Australia are represented
• Clearly state your understanding of the Client’s needs - ( the first file attached is the interview summary with me and the client's answer)
• Clearly define the project details and scope
In my case, I'm responsible for Industry Analyzes of NRL
Think about your competitors, and use this section to highlight what you have done some research on the industry. The lecture wants the sector to be male and women competitors.
Focus on one club there is already a facility included.
The client will ensure that:
? The operational costs for the 20 clubs to participate in the league will be funded for five seasons (2030-2034).
? The clubs will each have men’s and women’s teams.
? Payment for athletes at the 20 clubs will come from existing broadcasting deals.
? Paying staffing at the 20 clubs will come from membership and sponsorship revenue created by those clubs.
? Funding for stadiums/facilities will come from the government hosting the new clubs
NRL – currently 17 clubs, 10 in NSW, one in NZ, none in NT, SA, WA, Tasmania
What does the future of your chosen league look like?
The final 10% is for your report presentation so in addition to the words, you have tables and diagrams.
The attached second file is module 2.
Here is the link the Lecture provided to help in the research
NRL Strategic Plan 2018-22 | Operations
Strategic Plan 2018-22
The NRL Strategic Plan for 2018-22 provides a blueprint to establish the game's long-term future.
Sport 2030 (