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FNSASICZ503 Provide advice in financial planning
Assessment 2 - Performance

Assessment Feedback Form
Unit FNSASICZ503 Provide advice in financial planning
Qualification FNS50615 Diploma of FINANCIAL PLANNING
Learner’s Name
Evidence to Attach
to This Document Assessment Evidence Assessment

Trainer’s Name Date
Trainer Signature
Unit Assessment Decision (please circle) C
(Competent) NYC
(Not yet competent)
Learner Declaration
Unit Code and
Title FNSASICZ503 Provide advice in financial planning
Student Name
Assessor Name
Evidence You will be required to submit the following evidence in order to be assessed:
Declaration I certify that this work is my own, that I have not duplicated the information from another source. I also state that I have referenced appropriately all information that I have gathered from other sources.
I confirm that I have kept a hard copy and a soft copy of this work.
I understand that plagiarism is a form of cheating. It is taking and using someone else's thoughts, writings or inventions and representing them as my own.
I also understand that Plagiarism is a serious act and may result in a student’s exclusion from a module or a course.
I acknowledge that I am being assessed against the criteria listed in the 'Assessment Mapping and Validation' document and that I am ready to undertake the assessment.
Declaration ? I Certify this is my Work
Student Signature
The Assessment is:
Satisfactory Not Yet Satisfactory
Signed by the Trainer :
Name of Trainer:
Assessment due date: Date Assessed:
Feedback to the Lear ner:
Learner signature:
Instructions to complete this assessment
In order to complete this assessment, you are required to complete the following sections consecutively. Details and specific instructions are provided within each section and on the form/templates provided.
Supporting documents
To find the relevant supporting documents, please refer to the Assessment 2 Supporting Documents folder, located within the FNSASICZ503 Provide advice in financial planning section of your course. (Note: Not all units have assessment resources.)
Section 1 – Review the Fact Finder – Mr & Mrs Harris
Download and review Fact Finder – Mr & Mrs Harris, located in the Assessment Resources folder.
Section 2 – Complete a Statement of Advice
1. Download and review the Template Statement of Advice, located in the Assessment Resources folder.
2. Complete all blank sections and submit the SoA for Mr and Mrs Harris
Section 3 – Provide commentary on the SoA
Communicating the content of an SoA is a very important part of a financial planner’s role. You must be prepared to explain the basis of your recommendations to an assessing trainer.
Checklist for submission
Please use the following list to ensure the correct amount and type of documents have been completed and are ready for submission.
Assessment 2: The file name should include your first name and surname, i.e. FNSASICZ503_ SoA _Jo Brown

Instructions for uploading
1. Log in to – (RTO to add own link)
2. Locate and click on the submission link within this unit – FNSASICZ503 Provide advice in financial planning
3. Read additional instructions on the assignment submission page.
4. Click on the Choose File button
NOTE: Files can only be uploaded one at a time
5. Locate your file and click the Open button
6. Click the Upload this file button
7. Your uploaded document will appear above the Choose File button
Student Marking Guide
This guide provides an indication as to what the assessor is looking for in a satisfactory response. For all tasks the student is required to use the correct industry specific terminology, satisfied all relevant legislation, industry standards and organisational requirements and indicated that they have accessed the required information sources.
Assessment A satisfactory response requires the student to:
task reference
2.1 Interpret and comply with industry regulations and codes of practice
2.2 Analyse client’s needs, financial situation and risk profile, and prepare
appropriate strategies or solutions relating to financial planning
2.3 Provide accurate and ethical advice on financial planning products and services
2.4 Implement the plan, policy or transaction once agreed by the client and complete documentation accurately.
Student Name Student No. Version No.: v1.0-01-2019/DFP

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 991 words including References

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