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Final Project Assignment and Presentation
You are the newly appointed HR manager for a company that wishes to expand its business globally to another country known as Utopia. Utopia is known for internal governmental coups among religious factions, a restrictive and closed-minded culture regarding women and minorities, and problems with drug cartels that kidnap American citizens. Utopia is also known for its beautiful weather. Travel to Utopia is not restricted and the American Embassy remains open there.
The previous HR manager was fired for failing to properly assist this company’s expatriate employees with a prior expansion. To avoid future problems with this expansion, the Board of Directors has asked to see your plan for recruitment and selection of internal and external staff, identification and selection of management staff, development, and support of that staff both during expatriation to Utopia and repatriation to the US and all the challenges that may be faced. The Board of Directors specifically said they do not want any particular staff type excluded so your plan must include provisions for women, families with children and minorities.
Part One – Research Report - Your report shall be 10 to 15 full pages, excluding the cover and reference pages. The report shall reference at least four academic journals or management texts. Your plan shall also include support examples of countries or businesses where the tactics you are suggesting worked or failed.
Part Two – PowerPoint Presentation - The Board of Directors expects you to make a presentation with PowerPoint slides of your report. Your slides shall be creative, eye-catching and a realistic summary of your report. Your summary shall be 10-15 slides. You are strongly encouraged to use PowerPoint to record your presentation.