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Assessment 1: Project Brief
Due date: Week 4
Group/individual: Individual
Word count/Time provided: 1000 Words
Weighting: 15%
Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO1, ULO2
Assessment 1 Detail
A report outlining the project to be carried out, analysed and evaluated to address the business goal/problem.
A Research Proposal Brief early in the semester is to ensure feedback about the suitability of the topic and which informs others of a proposed piece of research and its significance. This is the outline of the Research Proposal that could be used as part of an application to undertake a research degree or to apply for funding to conduct the research.
For Assessment Task 1 you need to prepare an outline of your proposed research topic and research plan for investigating the topic using a structure like shown below:
1. Project Title: This is a brief descriptive summary of the proposed research topic. For ideas on how a project title should look, see the articles in Project Management journals such as the International Journal of Project Management.
2. Research Overview and Justification: This is a summary of the research topic that describes the topic and why it is important for a research study to be conducted to investigate the topic.
3. Brief Literature Review: Outline the objectives, methodologies and findings of at least three most relevant literatures recently (within last 5 years) published that provide a background for your research topic.
4. Research Objectives, Research question and Sub-questions: Linking back to sections (2) and (3), present and justify the question that your research project will be designed to answer.
5. Methodology: Details about how you would answer your research question (e.g., by reviewing trends in national / international statistics, by conducting a survey of consumers, by undertaking interviews with employers) and start to consider any advantages, disadvantages, materials needed or practical limitations of the methodology.
6. Significance of the research of the project. A summary of the sections ending with a statement of why it is important to conduct the research using the methodology proposed.
7. Ethical issues. This section would cover any ethical issues (following APIC policy) that are considered in the research.
8. References and Resources: provide references to key research studies, government reports and/or industry reports using Harvard Referencing.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1373 words including References

Topic is State of online trading in the retail business in Australia

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