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MABS902-Assignment 1: Hollywood Movie
Description and goal
In this assignment, as a data analyst, you will provide data analysis advice to your client AussieMovies. The organisation is an investor in movies. You are required to develop an interactive report within this business context. The specifications below indicate what you need to produce, but not how to produce it.
Using a multitude of factors, the company managers want to
• Have a better understanding and visualisation of the data through an interactive report.
• In addition, it should help understanding
o the factors influencing positively or negatively the potential success or revenues of future movie projects, and
o the evolution of the market over the years.
Use your business analytics skills and SAS Visual Analytics to solve those questions.
The data set, available in SAS Viya, was obtained from several movie databases using both automated as well as manual means. It is more than likely that some of the values are captured/entered incorrectly. Hence, the accuracy of the data set cannot be guaranteed. This data set can be used for descriptive and predictive modelling.
The data dictionary is provided on the next two pages.
Additional information
• The report is to be submitted to the Moodle site before the due date.
• Interactivity implies the use of filters, buttons, etc...
• You might need to convert data items to measures or categories. You can also create new calculated items and custom categories if you think it is necessary.
• The questions are open on purpose: it is up to you to know what to show.
• An export of your interactive report should be attached to your written report as well (i.e., your submission will be a single file containing both).
• Due date: 26-Jun-2022 (Sunday in Trimester 2Week 6) before 11:30 p.m. AEDT.
• Maximum 2,500 words (excluding illustrations and appendices). Keep it simple (no need for references and executive summary).
• Do not forget to include a cover page with your name, student number, subject, and assignment details.
• Students can submit as an individual or group (2 or max 3 students) assessment.
• Filename: MBAS902_SYD222_Al_fhame-lname.docx.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2586 words including Figures, Appendix and References


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