Recent Question/Assignment

Checkpoint 1
Submit screenshots.
• Students setup local development environment. Follow the Android Studio setup document posted under Contents.
• Once installed, start Android Studio and submit screenshots.
Checkpoint 2
Follow this link and get Tic Tac Toe running.
It’s fairly easy and if you follow it right, you can get it working in less than an hour.
Submit screenshots of your code and output.
Checkpoint 3
Select a project and provide details, what you will be developing.
• I suggest to develop something very simple but yet interesting.
• Here are some ideas:
• You can come up with your own idea as well.
• Submit details in a document.
• Document should include:
• Title
• Description
• What mobile app will be building?
• Why did you choose this app?
• What tools and technologies will you use?
• Development timeline in phases and what will be delivered in each phase. These will be checkpoints. I suggest four checkpoints.
• You will have till end of the semester to complete this project.

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