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For this unit project, you will write an interview pretending you are a journalist asking an astronaut and a scientist about the possibility of mining on planet Mars.
You will turn in an imaginary interview that you’ve conducted. This should be a typed interview that you’ve written, first as if you were a journalist, and then as if you were an astronaut and a scientist. Follow the outline below to help you write it:
1. First, navigate through and read the ”Space X: Mars and Beyond- website (below or click the blue button)
2. Read the article (below - click to enlarge) regarding minerals found on Mars.
3. Next, develop no less than 12 questions to ask (in a journalistic style) to the astronaut/scientist. These can be anything that have to do with mining on Mars. You can ask about logistics of landing on Mars, living quarters for the workers, what they will be mining for, potential effects this will have Mars as a planet. Use your imagination (but, make your questions and responses scientifically accurate)!
4. After you have your 12 questions, switch roles and answer them using the activity, information from step 1, and article from Step 2. You are encouraged to do some additional research as well. You must have two external sources cited after your interview. They can be from a book or credible website of your choice!
5. Lastly, review and edit your interview project for proper spelling, grammar, and scientific relevance and submit it for grading!
Your unit project should include:
1. A question-and-answer format that uses details you’ve read about to truthfully answer questions you’ve asked as a “journalist” to an “astronaut” and “scientist.”

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1622 words including References

Title: “Space X: Mars and Beyond”

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