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Case study
2C Kumari
When Kumari, a 22-year-old did well in her job interview, the manager (Kevin) of KompuSoft, an Australian company that has a niche market in the design of training DVDs offered her (Kumari) a job immediately. Kumari, who needed this job, was so happy and accepted the offer straight away. When she reported to the workplace the following week, she found that she was to share an office with a single male colleague (Bruce) who appeared to be invading her personal space inappropriately. Her manager, Kevin had placed her with Bruce, as both of them would be working on the same projects and could help and learn from each other. Kumari was not happy with this arrangement as she felt uncomfortable being in complete isolation with Bruce. Kumari's husband was also upset following her description of Bruce's behaviour and threatened to stop Katarina working at KompuSoft immediately. Kumari decides to approach her manager Kevin about working with Bruce and explains that if a solution can be found immediately she will have to resign and report the matter to FairWork. Kevin instructs Kumari to lodge a formal complaint about Bruce, but in the meantime advises Kumari to -just get on- with her work.
What professional ethical dilemmas are Kumari, Kevin, and Bruce dealing with here? (e.g. Who should we sanction, Bruce or Kevin's behaviour, or both? What are the public interest questions raised by this scenario? What actions do everyone involved need to take to ensure that this kind of situation does not occur again?)
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Section 1 – Thomas White’s Framework
This section aims to apply Thomas White's framework to make an analysis of your allocated Case Study. Make sure you have read Topic 3 before attempting this section.
0. Read the Thomas White article, “Resolving an Ethical Dilemma,” before attempting the assignment. The article explains the key concepts and processes you will need to use.
1. Read your assigned Case Study from Assignment 1, Part 1.
2. Use the Template and Thomas White's framework to make an analysis of your individual case study.
Section 2 – The Governance and Regulatory Environment
This section deals with applying the ACS Code of Conduct and the Australian Regulatory Framework (Legislation and AS/ISO Standards). Make sure you have read Topic 4 before attempting this section. See additional links to reference materials at the conclusion of these instructions.
0. Fill in the boxes on the assignment page as per the instructions.
1. Cite all the relevant clauses along with each sub-clause applicable to your allocated Case Study.
2. Provide a short supporting statement as to why you selected each clause and sub-clause of the ACS Code of Conduct.
3. Provide a short supporting statement as to why you selected the legislation (Acts of Parliament), Regulations, and ISO/IEC Standards.
Section 3 – Justifying a Decision and Recommending Appropriate Action
This section of the assignment focuses on what you think are the most appropriate responses to the dilemma. Section 3 is your chance to have a say on the issues involved. You should be brief but to the point here. We encourage you to reflect here, so don't be too worried about going over the word limit. You will not be penalised for doing so.
0. Make short text responses to the five (5) questions in the spaces provided.
Each response should be between 50 - 80 words (Total 400 words approx.).
1. This is your opportunity to exercise and express your own professional judgment and opinions on what needs to be done.
Submitting Your Assignment
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