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Questions in the attached document need to be answered based on the story - The monkey paw- by WW. Jacobs
Knowledge: 1. How would you describe the monkeys paw?
Comprehension: 1. Which facts or incidents indicate that the monkeys paw was a -bad- thing or should have been thrown away?
2. What were the warning signs that something bad was going to happen?
Application: I. What techniques does the author use to create suspense? Describe each incident.
Analysis: I. Why do you think that the colonel, knowing what he does, still offers or shows the paw to the family?
Synthesis: I. What would have happened if the father had not made a wish?
Evaluation: 1. What would you recommend the Whites do with the paw?
-The Monkeys Paw-by w.w. Jacobs
Use complete sentences to answer the following questions.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 512 words

The Monkey's Paw” by W.W. Jacobs Comprehension

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