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Workbook Responses
This workbook includes 8 short answer responses.
Each response is to be written for an academic audience.
Each response should be composed in one paragraph and should be no longer than 250 words. Additional words will not be marked.
Responses should be referenced using peer review publications (other relevant publications such as text books and appropriate reports may also be used if required). APA or Vancouver style referencing can be used.
The reference list will not be included in the word count (in text references will be included). Please include the reference list for each question immediately after your response.
Marks will be allocated to the content, articulation of your discussion and references (including correct referencing style). A rubric will be provided.
Most questions ask you to apply a concept or principle and give you the opportunity to select a specific focus. When selecting an issue, country/region and/or focus be specific – it is easier to be concise if you are clear with your focus.
Workbook questions
1. Define the socio-ecological model for health and use examples to describe the interactions that may influence mental health.
(10 marks)
2. Climate change represents a significant challenge globally and locally. Using a specific country or region, explain advice you would provide to policy makers to mitigate the impact of climate change. (10 marks)
3. Some public health strategies raise a number of ethical dilemmas. Using immunisation as an example critique ethical dilemmas to population-based immunisation programs.
(10 marks)
4. Drawing on the work of the authors discussed in this unit discuss how social gradient impacts equity. (10 marks)
5. Provide a critical discussion around John Rawls’ Theory of Justice and why it is sometimes at odds with utilitarianism.
(10 marks)
6. Environmental sustainability has emerged as a paradigm in providing healthy diets. Critique threats to achieving healthy and sustainability diets.
(10 marks)
7. Vector-borne diseases transmitted by mosquitos represent a significant public health issue in many countries. Select a specific mosquito borne disease and a specific country or region. Critically assess public health responses in your country/region.
(10 marks)
8. Provide a critical discussion around the impact of transnational corporations in influencing choice in global markets.
(10 marks)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2851 words including References

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