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Project case study content
The purpose of this project is creating a brand identity for a brand new clothing brand that focus on sustainable and fashionable and design three deliverables for the brand.
The three deliverable had been designed and done.
1. Project Outline (Design Problem, Project Objectives, Research, Stakeholders, Process, etc)
2. Project Design Process (what was your design processes and whether there were any issues during these
3. Project Timeline (critical stages and deadlines and whether they were met, issues meeting them?)
4. Project deliverables (what was achieved? Can you validate the success of your deliverables)
5. Reflections and Evaluations (what could have been done better, what needs to be addressed in the future and
how will these outputs affect the project outcomes, how will they affect, influence, change the world we live in?)
I have a design proposal and I need to proceed my design proposal to a case study. Will be attach my design proposal and case study example.
I will be putting points for the case study needed an expert to detail it and make it more professional content. I will be putting all the contents together so don't have to do the layout I will do that myself.
Here is one of the case study example.