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I would request your confirmation on the below points before we proceed:-
Please read through the instructions carefully and confirm if you have understood all the requirements of the university for this assignment?
The university takes plagiarism very seriously and expects a very unique assignment that is not been copied by any previous student or used for any previous submission, please confirm the uniqueness of this assignment and ensure a low Turnitin score?
This is the third assignment that I will be working on with your team, I would like to highlight that I had a very bad experience with the previous assignment whereby there were a lot of errors in the solution provided and very poor language/vocabulary used. I would expect a good quality assignment delivered along with the tutor handling this one, please confirm?
The assignment is about 2,500 words with the expectation of at least 10 references in Harvard style and clear and simple English. An executive summary is required but will not be a part of the word count. The professor expects the assignment not to be descriptive but based on facts with evidence. All diagrams and flow charts used should be well referenced. Kindly focus the assignment on a few concepts and models and ensure to apply theory to the working of the organization. When introducing the company talk about what the company does as a whole and then slowly narrow down to which part of the operations you will be focusing on along with the theory and models. Please confirm if you have understood this requirement along with the instructions in the assignment guidelines?
I will share more instructions incase the professor has required for anything else. Let me know if you need any of the class materials to complete this assignment.
As discussed in our previous email, I would expect the best possible rate and I would like to utilize the below 50% discount for this assignment, kindly confirm your final quote and the best possible rate.
Looking forward to your confirmation on the above.

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Word Count: 2849 words including References

By Osmund Dcunha

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