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Working individually, you should analyse the raw data gained from the primary research and write a marketing research insights report to:
1. Explain Gen Z's holiday behaviour from an analysis of the primary research findings
• You should include:
o An explanation of the different stages of the holiday buying process
o Details about Gen Z's activities at each stage of the buying process
¦ This might include information about what motivates the target audience to take holidays, their booking purchase patterns and their
Instructions / Requirements
perceptions of the destination.
• The analysis of the raw data should be shown using tables / graphs and an associated descriptive summary (for each question)
2. Make three fully justified recommendations for the marketing of the destination
• These recommendations should be based and justified on your understanding of Gen Z's holiday patterns and preferences as well as the results of the secondary research
• The justification (reasons) for the suggestions is the most important aspect of this section of the report
o Include examples of best practice by other DMOs to support your arguments

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1044 words

Holiday In Manchester

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