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TSM315 Task 2 Information Sheet
GOAL Research and design an infographic that defines and positions a region or city as a destination for a specific MICE market segment
PRODUCT Artefact - Creative and Written Piece (1,000 word equivalent total)
FORMAT Individual Assignment You are required to use your digital communication, information literacy and critical thinking skills to create a digital poster (infographic) that provides venue and program information about a specific destination aimed to inform and attract a specific segment of the MICE industry. The infographic should demonstrate how the facilities and attractions of the destination (selected from a list of recommended destinations on the Learning Management System) would match the requirements of the target market. In support of the infographic you must provide a 400 word justification for your selection of the destination and the MICE market segment you have focused on i.e. in consideration of the pandemic's impact on that destination, how will this align with recovery strategies for the destination's MICE industry.
CRITERIA By using images, figures, graphics and brief sections of text, the poster should use a visually appealing and well-organised layout to: - introduce the destination and its characteristics, - demonstrate a range of facilities and attractions available within the destination - identify the targeted MICE market segment - persuasively position the destination for the market segment