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The following assessment task has been designed to test your theoretical and working knowledge and apply it in the context of this assessment. Part of the high performance and management environment requires ongoing assessment and performance analysis.
These are the topics the assessment must cover.
Analyze the functions and responsibilities of teams in a sporting organization that contribute to a successful sporting environment
b) Evaluate the role of leadership and management in supporting teams.
c) Analyse the management of teams in a high-performance environment
d) Examine the role governance and ethics plays in providing a supportive environment
You are the manager of a successful professional team. The season is progressing well, although one of your most highly paid & marketable team members has failed to attend multiple team meetings and has not met performance targets agreed upon at the commencement of the season. Such performance targets included regular contribution & leadership at team meetings, participation in community-based development activities, promotional appearances, attending team sponsor dinners & completion of weekly self-evaluation reports.
You plan to have a brief meeting with the players to establish how to assist them to try and meet their performance targets more effectively. As a part of this assessment, you need to address the following parts:
1) Prepare a summary document (250 words) for the players outlining key Club History, Culture, and Team concepts.
2) Prepare an easy-to-follow Individual Player Performance Plan. You will need to include the following information in your advice handout:
You will need to include the following information in your advice handout:
I. Identify to the player the desired performance levels of all team members, the team itself, and the club.
II. Show the player (by using a simple timeline depicting the season’s key training and playing moments) how such performance levels will be achieved and the time frame for the achievement of such goals
III. Give instructions on how you will provide guidance and direction to the player and the team in general. Does the player understand that their current behavior is causing issues with the team’s and club’s aspirations for the season? Is there a reason for this behavior?
IV. Give examples of specific KPIs (key performance indicators) and measurable goals for the individual and the team.
V. Actions required from the player to achieve team goals (i.e. should the player address the group and apologize and indicate a motivational shift and a more positive united approach to team activities and goals?).
VI. Any particular team-building goals that you would suggest the player adopt.
You can refer to an example Individual Performance Plan template attached under Assessment 3 Information section. (Attached Below is the first file in the email)
To Make easier the assessment the lecture provided to us how he wants the body of the assessment to be structured check it below.
Introduction/Background – 300 words maximum (20%)
Briefly summarise the following:
A Summary of the sport and team that you are coaching.
Summarise the coaching or leadership style/philosophy that you are known for.
Summarise the culture you have created with the team over the past five years.
Document the Vision for your team for the current season.
Summarise the Values that you and the team agreed upon at the start of the season.
This section should clearly reinforce the expectations of all team members.
Summarise the issue with the individual athlete outlined above
High-Performance Plan – 700 words maximum (two tables)
A) Objectives (20%) Focus on the individual player in this scenario, and prepare a table that features the following information:
Three Objectives are set for the player at the start of the season that highlights their role in the team and the areas that they need to focus on; Each objective should have at least two actions/tactics; Each action/tactic should have a Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s that can be measured);
Each action/tactic should have a timeframe;
Each action/tactic should include the people in place to support the athlete with the action/tactic.
B) Timeline/Schedule (20%)
Prepare a timeline or weekly schedule for the player that depicts their weekly commitments including:
Training days, including team sessions and individual skill development sessions
Competition Day (the day that you play)
Recovery day including swim/massage
Rest day where the player is allowed to stay home
Team meetings – pre-game, post-game, and one other during the week Team dinner (optional)
Community commitment x 1 § Sponsor commitment x 1 § Study commitment x 1 (usually a workshop facilitated by a coach or other professional)
Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy (40% including academic references) – 400 words maximum Provide a summary of 400 words that highlights how you have been monitoring this situation and decided that a meeting with the athlete was required.
This discussion should consider:
Your approach to dealing with any athlete who is breaking team rules;
How you will approach the meeting and who else will be involved;
How you will explain to the player that their behavior is causing issues within the team and the team’s aspirations for the season;
How you will gain a better understanding of the player’s behavior;
Any ideas or strategies for the player to adapt to change their behavior;
Any modifications to the objectives or timeline for the player;
The process for determining any punishment for the player or other outcome;
How you will explain the outcomes of the meeting to the rest of the team;
How you will provide guidance and direction to the player and the team in general;
Your plans to use this scenario to improve team cohesiveness.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1612 words including References


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