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CP2414 Assignment 1
Security checklist
WARNING: This is not a group project. Each student must individually complete all parts of their submission.
Students must start with a new document and they must not have another person’s file in their possession at any time. Students may discuss the task with each other, but each student must write their assignment independently and not show their work to other students.
This assignment has been divided into two (2) parts:
Part I - Identify and analyse threats to a company. Also, research and source appropriate devices/software justifying choices (feasibility, efficiency, etc.).
Part II - Design a secured network.
Part III – Citation and Referencing.
1. A single Word document (.docx) – containing all parts.
2. Font - Calibri 11, Line Spacing 1.5
3. Use IEEE referencing, see
NOTE: The assignment template can be found at the end of this assignment sheets.
An Asian medical research company, TheNEWMED, has grown concerned by the global rise in cybercrime and ransomware.
They have asked you to:
• For all branches - Identify and analyse application and networking-based threats to their company; and
• For the Singapore branch only - recommend preventative and mitigative technologies and strategies for potential intrusion and attacks on the network.
About the company:
TheNEWMED is a growing medical research company consisting of two branches: The Singapore (main) branch and the Jakarta branch. Each branch has five departments and there are approximately 65 employees per department. The Singapore branch has 2 mail servers, 3 web servers, and 3 database servers. The Indonesia branch is a smaller branch and so it has only 1 mail server and 1 database server.
All branches have high-speed networks; however, the traffic can be quite heavy on weekdays. This is especially true for the Singapore branch.
Part I. Potential Threats
You have been provided with a list of complaints from employees about the workstations at TheNEWMED:
• Complaint 1 (Sue Allen): My computer takes a long time to start up and shut down. It seems like there are other programs which I don’t use running when I start my computer as well.
• Complaint 2 (Tom Cally): I think my system is infected because I’ve got customers and colleagues informing me that I’ve been sending them emails, this is very weird because my job doesn’t really concern sending out emails to my colleagues, let alone customers.
• Complaint 3 (Christina Sam): I often get the blue screen of death; my workstation keeps crashing. I found it to be so frustrating.
• Complaint 4 (M Louise): It takes forever to download a file from the company servers. It doesn’t even matter what the size or type of the file are.
• Complaint 5 (Richard Lee): I get a lot of pop-ups on my screen; I have never visited any bad (inappropriate) websites.
• Complaint 6 (Joe Oliver): The fan in my computer is just so loud. It seems to be spinning really fast and all the time. Even when I am not using it.
• Complain 7 (All employees): Difficulty accessing the website, mail and database servers.
From the complaints above, you are required to analyse and identify the threat/s (if there are any). You must also make a recommendation on strategies and technologies (i.e. hardware and software) to prevent and mitigate the problems.
1. Your threat analysis and identification should ONLY concern network security and NOT hardware or software.
2. It is possible that the complaints are connected to one another.
Part II. Firewall, Honeypot/s, and Other Network Security Technologies Planning and Design for Singapore Branch
Employing firewalls, honeypots, and other network security technologies can be an effective means of protecting the company networks. As such, you are required to design a network security configuration for the Singapore branch of the company. You can make assumptions, but clearly state your assumptions in the report. You will need to consider the existing devices (see “About the company” – Singapore branch ONLY), the hardware/software solutions you recommended in Part I, and additional honeypot/s.
You are required to:
1. Draw your proposed secure network diagram, including:
a. Firewall/s
b. Other Network Security Technologies (hardware and/or software)
c. Honeypot/s
d. Existing devices (e.g. servers, workstations, router, switches)
2. Explain and justify the configuration diagram with respect to:
a. The type and placement of each firewall;
b. The honeypot location/s and quantity;
c. The placement and purpose of each piece of hardware/software.
Part III. Use correct IEEE referencing style, see
Suggested Report Structure/Template
For the highest marks possible, you should READ THE RUBRIC and submit your report using the following proposed structure:
Part I. Potential Threats For each employee complaint:
Complaint [number] – [name]:
• Identify the problem/s stated by the employee/s.
• [Identified threat/s] – [Discussion and comprehensive explanation for the identified threat/s]
• Solution – [Recommended solution for threat] Overarching Threat:
[If an overarching threat exists you should discuss this here. See IMPORTANT NOTE]
Part II. Firewall/s, honeypot/s, and other network security technologies Planning and Design
• Diagram
• Explanation and justification of the proposed configuration.
End of Assignment 1

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1910 words including References

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