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needing a critical reflection done I will attach part A and all information. Please refer to the critical reflection information and rubric. Australian English too please with Australian References. Thankyou
Assessment task: Critical reflection - Part B
Weighting: 20%
Word Count: 850 words +/- 10%
Due Date
Part A Due 29th April, 2022 by 23:59pm
Task Instructions
Describe what the role of the nurse as a leader means to you?
What does the role of the nurse as a leader mean to you now?
Has your description changed?
What have you learned that may have led to this realisation? (You should draw on key
literature/readings to support your reflection.
What are some key issues/topics that stood out for you and why?
Now that you may have this new sense of the role of the nurse as a leader what type of
leader do you want to be and identify some potential study, career and personal
development goals that will assist with your leadership development
Note: You may write in the first person.
Relevance: Professional nursing practice takes a lifelong learning approach. In this assessment, you will
concentrate on your own leadership learning and development, reflecting on what you have
learned from this unit and setting some goals for your own career progression and
leadership development.
Personal development planning allows you to focus on potential study, career and personal
development options and goals.
Marking Instructions:
Font style such as calibre, times new roman or ariel
Font size 12
Double spacing
APA 7th CDU referencing
In the footer add page numbers to the right-hand corner.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 917 words including References

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