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Assessment 1: 2000 words
Chanel, the famous Fashion House, has bought the vineyards of Domaine d’Ile, which is an island off the coast of Southern France. The island grows grape varietals for the production of rose´ - the famous wine colour, which reflects the ambience of the south of France. Chanel’s business strategy for buying this island’s vineyards - is to launch their first hospitality sector product, Chanel Rose´ wine. As part of the product branding strategy, Chanel is seeking to design an ongoing service experience over the summer, in a hospitality venue in the destination of the city of Monaco, France. You are to create an Experience Proposal to Chanel’s marketing department, by completing the 4 case study questions below.
Complete a critical analysis on the Experience Economy related to a similar alcoholic beverage product launch or experience that has happened (can be anywhere in the world). Include subject theory models of Service Design Thinking / Servicescape, the Experience Economy, & Sense of Place.
Analysis of the customer experience: the potential target market. Create a customer demographic profile for each of the below:
a) the potential type customer of the product (rose´ wine) to be launched
b) the potential type customer of the brand (Chanel)
c) the potential type of customer/visitor at/to the destination
3. Assess 2 similar brand launches or unique leisure / hospitality / retail experiences that have previously been delivered in Monaco destination. Monaco.
4. Design in detail, an experience to promote Chanel Rose´ at a hospitality venue or event space of your choosing in Monaco, France:
Justify your choice of venue.
Explain your experience design concept.
Justify your experience design by applying it to the models
of Servicescape Service Design Thinking, the Experience
Economy, & Sense of Place.
Justify how your service experience over a summer will:
a) optimise branding & monetising via sales / exposure for the destination/venue
b) optimise / monetise branding / sales for Chanel rose´
c) satisfy the experience expectations of the target
customer demographic/s
This hospitality experience service cannot be for just one day – it is to be continuous ie. the designed experience will be offered on a daily/weekly basis throughout a whole summer, so that this service & branding can be monetised mid-long term, for Chanel Rose´ wine, the partnering hospitality venue (which you will choose), & the destination.
(There is a event / experience brief template in the Assessment Section which may be used to help formulate the detail of this case study question 4)
The content in the below resource links provide context to inform you of the history and general overview of the product, and the Sense of Place related to this brand. From this, and your own independent research, compile a case study and show evidence of your own unique design experience.
*Being a case study and design proposal – the format is not to be essay style answers. Use subheadings, tables, diagrams etc., to focus your content, in a professional format, as if you were presenting this to Chanel’s marketing department. Pretend that this is a real-life experience product that you are planning to put on, if you are chosen by Chanel.
Readings for the assessment :
Chanel buys rose´ island, Domaine d’Ile. Media resources: chanel-tantalizes-with-its-latest-offering-of-rose-wines.php purchase-426225/ ambitions-to-provence
page3image3871982112page3image3871982400page3image3871982688page3image3871982976 page3image3871983264page3image3871983552 page3image3871983840
Chanel’s French Riviera history: 20200206-sworfz2pvzewbkckqsqryowlxa-story.html
Rose´ Wine Branding & Product Sales statistics: vintus-wins-u-s-import-rights-to-provence-rose-label-chateau-minuty/ tomorrow/provence-roses-in-the-spectrum-of-global-roses
Sense of Place
Beyond the Wine experiences: cellar door
South-of-France Wine Tourism Visitor demographics:
VisitFrenchWine (n.d) Wine Tourism numbers in France. Retrieved from:
Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence CIVP (n.d). Provence Iconic Panel Summit. Retreived from: provence/intro-to-iconic-provence
European Commission (n.d). Growth Regional Innovation Monitor Tool. Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME’s. Retrieved from: monitor/base-profile/sud-r%C3%A9gion-provence-alpes-c%C3%B4te- d%E2%80%99azur-0
(What, Why, When, Who, Where)
( not necessary to use, just giving more informations)
Experience name
Venue / Destination
Event Times
Number of Attendees (max)
Attendee Demographics
Create personas of prospective attendees: age, social demographics, interests etc
What is this Experience?
Why is it being delivered?
What does your client want from the attendees/customers?
What do the attendees/customers want from the experience?
VENUE LOCATION & Contact details
· insert site / floorplan
· Note all areas where signage can be used, whether for promotional or directional purposes.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2039 words including Images and References


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