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A2 Annotated Bibliography 30%
Length: 800 words
Weight: 30%
Due: Week 8 Friday 29th April
You are to choose one topic from the listed below and write an annotated bibliography, focusing on two readings. One of your readings must come from the WELF3006 Essential and Recommended readings list (see Topic folders in the A2 folder on vUWS). Your second reading may be another of the unit’s Essential and Recommended readings, a reading listed in the relevant Topic Folder on vUWS, or a relevant reading that you have located in your own research from ANROWS.
The A2 aims to get you thinking critically about family violence, and how the critical approach, the research and the arguments made throughout these readings can be used to develop, support and/or challenge the position you are taking in response to the topic you have chosen. We want you to approach this assessment task with an attitude of critical curiosity; teasing out and engaging with some of the more nuanced ideas between what we as a society consider ‘normal’, how this might be challenged, how we approach this challenge, and how this could potentially impact the experience of family violence across Australia today.
To complete the task, you will download and fill in the A2 Annotated Bibliography Template, The A2 Template will guide you through introducing the reading/s; identifying the readings’ key arguments; and using these key arguments to substantiate your position in response to your chosen A2 statement.
You will need to read the chosen readings carefully in order to demonstrate your critical understanding of the topic at hand, as well as how the readings you are citing throughout your annotated bibliography inform the topic and the position you have taken in response to the topic statement.
Choose one of the five A2 topics listed below, a topic that you are interested in.
Download the A2 Annotated Bibliography Form, Attached down below
Select two sources (readings), either two of the essential and/or recommended readings
or one of the essential and/or recommended readings and one of the extra readings from the Topic folders.
Fill in the A2 Annotated Bibliography Form.
Provide a reference list at the end of the A2 Annotated Bibliography Form.
Topic : Engaging Men
Statement: The following preventative campaign slogans, 'real men don't hit women', 'man up' and 'be the hero', do more harm than good in the struggle to eliminate family violence across Australia.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1064 words including References

Topic: Engaging Men

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