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Test 3: 20 %
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Course number: HAR-3084
Teacher’s name: Sidhartha Dhawan
Semester: Fall 2022

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Standard of the Evaluated Competencies
Statement of the evaluated competencies – Code(s)
To sell products and services in a commercial establishment (01U2)
Evaluated elements of the competency Relevant performance criteria specific to each element
Recognize key terminology for hotel operations along with processes and systems for management and control.
Design food and beverage control systems to monitor and control inputs and outputs.
1.1 Define and provide examples of revenue support centres.
1.2 List and describe each aspect of the “operating control cycle” and explain its importance to management.
1.3 Present examples of common technology applications and discuss technology as a support tool vs. Decision making tool
1.4 Illustrate components of the basic management system, and describe each aspect of the management process

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Performance criteria evaluated: 1) The presentation of Theft Prevention that are applied in the correct context. 2) The correct attributes and components applied to the questions. 3) Professional language skills and spelling. The elements here should be the one found in the table above. 10% may be taken away for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Total points: 5pts per question,
Instructions: Based on the questions you are about to read, answer each of the questions found below.
1) Describe some of the ways bartenders can steal and identify precautions managers can take to reduce this kind of theft.
2) Explain how shopper services work and why food and beverage operations use them.
3) Describe some of the ways cashiers, food and beverage servers, and other staff can steal, and identify precautions managers can take to reduce this kind of theft.
4) Describe some of the ways guests can steal, explain procedures for accepting checks and credit card payments, describe some of the ways employees can steal from guests, and identify precautions food and beverage managers can take to reduce this theft.
5) Describe post-collection cash control procedures appropriate for food and beverage operations.
Case Study
Performance criteria evaluated: 1) The presentation of Planning & Control for Hotel Operations that are applied in the correct context. 2) The correct attributes and components applied to the questions. 3) Professional language skills and spelling. The elements here should be the one found in the table above. 10% may be taken away for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Total Points : 50
Instructions: Based on the case study and questions you are about to read, answer each of the questions found below.
Banyan Tree Hotel & Resort are one of the leading player in the luxury hotel and resort Industry. The business is based on the idea of a sanctuary that is for the senses. It was established by couple Ho and Chiang who target the gap that existed in the luxury resorts market. Their idea of providing an romantic and intimate escapade branched the roots of the established Banyan Tree Hotel & Resort that we see today. The chain has its resorts in the Asian territory as well as in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.
Banyan Tree Bay was a fishing bay constituting of banyan trees that showed the semblance of the shelter offered by the Asian tropical rainforests. Ho and Chiang stayed there for three years before Ho joined the family business and finally came up with the idea inspired by the Banyan tree bay to set up the chain of Luxury Resorts branded as Banyan Tree. The resorts offers an wide variety of choices to its customer in terms of types of rooms and villas. Banyan tree beliefs in providing each one of its guest with all kind of private amenities as possible, thus they created villas with amenities like private pools within the villa. They have themed resorts and are designed in order to reflect the culture and heritage of where the place they are built at. No doubt the business has its own way of doing things and providing services to its customer, whereas they always add the element of the local offerings that go parallel with their ideology. For example: providing couples with an option to have dinner in the Thai long tail boat accompanied with private Thai Musicians. All of these small details adds value to their business offering. Finally, to add some more to their offering, Banyan tree collaborates with local handmade exotic garments, jewellery, handicrafts and many such. Ho even established the Banyan Tree outlet for showcasing indigenous crafts within the resorts. The resorts of the Banyan tree are built using local material. This make sures that they protect the environment and at the same time offer best in class service to their customers. They also use eco-friendly and recycled material in order to build their merchandise. Adhering to all this principals and strategies Banyan Tree successfully built its own brand and grew into a huge empire.
1. There are various factors that contributed to the success of the Banyan Tree resorts chain. To start from first and foremost Banyan Tree did not compete in the particular industry segment where other established resorts and hotel business were competing it found its niche in that particular segment which existed in the gap created by two of the industry segments and it was the segment that required the concept of private and intimate accommodation. Ho and Chiang revolutionized the concept and came with offering of exotic resorts dedicated for private and intimate times that was the need of the ours. The focused on delivering quality service at the same time providing all of it with the touch of nature and its offering. They further collaborated with local sellers and displayed authentic handmade artifacts which played a vital role in attracting customer. With their services they created a feeling among all of its customers about how close the brand was to them by taking up lots of strategies which include providing them an amenities kit which they could use back at home in order to recall their moment at the Banyan Tree. This kept the customer churn very low and encouraged them to come back and spend their time once again in the nature blessed resorts. Finally, in its journey of being successful the company face multiple ups and downs, but never it laid down one of its employee. This helped the employees to feel connected with the company and offer their best. This are some of the main factors that helped the business to succeed.
2. For any of the business brand positioning is one of the most important concept. If we analyse todays hotel and resorts industry we can find out many competing brands. But, in case of Banyan Tree it has placed itself in an elite position that provides it with utmost guarantee of success. Ho and Chiang understood the need of private and intimate line of resorts which actually fitted the then existing gap created by some of the top players in the Luxury resort Industry. Through extensive work on their business model they have created a successful chain of resorts. Analysing the competition in industry I must agree its immense whereas competition in this particular sector of the industry is less. But no doubt we still have lot of other players venturing into this particular domain making it more and more competitive day by day by offering better services, competitive pricing and many such. Only during the establishment of the resorts line up conducted multiple round of advertising through an international marketing agency. But after that particular round of huge advertising the business never conducted any such sort of advertising. It focused in small advertising regime that included advertising in airports and certain magazines that were provided to passengers in airplanes especially in business class and first class. No doubt after 2007 the company getting its own GDS code made it more successful by strengthening its brand positions and presence across the globe. These made sure that the brand was transitioning from a small local brand to a global brand. But in order to position itself better and communicate better with its customers it needs to use various modes like developing a better social media presence, allowing social media travel influencers and vloggers to review their products , this would results in reaching a much wider customer base thus making it more convenient for them to communicate and position.
3. Banyan Tree has established itself as one finest luxurious hotels and resorts chain. Though the company has not restricted itself from not establishing hotels, service resorts, residences line for middle class people and developing an affordable option as well as creating a chain for families. Currently the business includes brand portfolios like the Banyan Tree, Angsana, Cassia and product portfolio like beach resorts, services residences, city hotels, spas, galleries, and museum shop which actually works as a well rounder and fits and makes a family together. As mentioned in the answer for the previous question in order to sustain this brand banyan tree has to expand its marketing strategies by opting for a varied channels in order to acquire more customers thus making the brand successful. Finally with the years ahead they must remember one simple fact that they must keep in line with current industry standards trends and adopt them in order to be successful in their domain.
4. Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) refers to the philanthropic approach taken by companies in order to take measure in order to take care of the nature do charitable works as well as have an organization that does ethically-oriented practice. These state’s that the company does not only primarily focuses in the profit making process as well as care about the society and takes necessary actions in order to protect it do charitable work. They also make sure that wherever they are situated they help he local communities to grow and expand. Banyan tree observes these activities in different ways. They protect the environment by adopting various strategies like using recyclable goods in order to build goods like photo frames and many such. They focus in the activities like growing banyan trees, they established a local banyan tree museum in order to promote local exotic handmade artifacts as well provide opportunities for local sellers to showcase their products. Further the business even involved guests in the environmental conservation projects that focused in the ecological restoration. They conducted activities that involved guest to do coral transplantation activities. Thus, all this activities lets the guest connect with the nature and they themselves can relate to it. Thus, these strategies play a vital role in the development of the brand equity.
5. Setting up the Banyan trees in Europe, Americas and many such countries might have certain problems like the cost of living the western countries are too high and providing the services might not be feasible in those countries. But setting up of the chain in Mexico might be feasible or tourist specific destinations like Switzerland, France, United Kingdom might be a feasible option. Middle East is covered with desert majorly and since the business is based on the idea of tropical concept it won’t be a feasible concept as well as in middle east aristocracy is primarily important. The major problem that the business might face here is that there are already many established luxury hotel chains and this will create immense competitions. But, if Banyan Tree comes up with some unique strategies it will be definitely be successful in the middle east as well as in the western countries.
Banyan tree has established itself as one of the global leader in the luxury resorts and hotel industry. Though, the industry has to come up with wide range of strategies in order to sustain in long run. They have to build multiple marketing options so that they can position themselves better and communicate with wider range of customers and audiences. Thus, by developing such strategies Banyan tree definitely will be successfully not only in future but in the western countries as well as the Middle East.
1. What are the main factors that contributed to Banyan Tree’s success? (5pts)
2. Evaluate Banyan Tree’s brand positioning and communications strategies. Can Banyan Tree maintain its unique positioning in an increasingly overcrowded resorts market? ( 5pts)
3. Discuss whether the brand portfolio of Banyan Tree and Angsana, as well as the product portfolio of beach resorts and city hotels, spas, galleries, and museum shops fit as a family. What are your recommendations to Banyan Tree for managing these brands and products in future? (10pts)
4. What effect does the practice of corporate social responsibility have on brand equity? (5pts)
5. What potential problems do you foresee bringing Banyan Tree to the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East? How could Banyan Tree address those issues? (5pts)