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The Best Bite Cafe
You are the owner of the Best Bite Café, a burger restaurant located in the trendy, inner city suburbs of Melbourne. You have always had the vision of creating an ethical and sustainable business that provided a warm and welcoming environment to all.
The Café seats 30 people in the dining room and has a small, fully-equipped commercial kitchen at the back.
Being a small local business it primarily targets locals, however the range of customers varies greatly across different age groups.
The Best Bite tries to cater for all customer desires and needs and sources its products based on locality and seasonality.
You are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve on the café’s sustainability practices and have recently signed up to a voluntary program for environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.
The first step of the program requires you to investigate current resource usage and conduct research on relevant regulatory requirements.
While conducting your research you identified a number of legislative requirements that were new to you and thought it necessary to review the café’s current policies and procedures to ensure these compliance requirements are being met.
You also think it will be beneficial for all staff to participate in this program and have arranged an information session to discuss the topic further.
Before attending the session, you decided to gather and document information on current resource usage to demonstrate the influence each member has on sustainable work practices.
Using the research you conducted in The Best Bite Cafe, and in the role of the owner of The Best Bite Café, you are required to prepare for an information session and develop material to present to your staff. The information session is to inform staff on current issues and discuss potential improvements to work practices.
The presentation that you develop must include:
? Employee’s legal and organisational obligations
? Common workplace issues including purchasing issues
? Tools and practices that could be applied and realistic targets
? How it will benefit the work group.
You will be required to submit the presentation material to your assessor

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 12 slides

Title: Best Bite Café

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