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CSIT940/CSIT440: Research Methodology Assignment 2 Due Date: Friday, 22 April 2022 11:55 pm (Sydney time)
School of Computing and Information Technology University of Wollongong
The purpose of this assignment is to develop fundamental skills required to conduct research, including searching papers from database, analysing a paper and drafting systematic literature reviews and referencing with proper typesetting tools.
Please select one of the following topics according to your student number (last bit) and draft a literature review on a proper perspective with at least 20 references.
1) Confidential computing (1 and 6 as the last bit)
2) AI security (2 and 7 as the last bit)
3) Differential privacy (3 and 8 as the last bit)
4) Multi-party computation (4 and 9 as the last bit) 5) Smart contracts (0 and 5 as the last bit)
Basic requirements
• Must contain at least 20 papers in the report
• Must contain seminal papers and necessary milestone papers
• Must contain both journal papers and conference papers • References must be listed in plain style
• Font & size: Times New Roman, 11 points, single column
• Similarity rate: under 40% including the references (or 15% excluding references)
• Find a proper direction from the above topics to collect papers
• Provide descriptions of the analysed papers (e.g., motivation, contribution, main results, conclusion, techniques, etc.) and your comments
• Try to provide a comparison table on the main similarities and differences of the papers in the reference list
• A sample pdf and the corresponding template are provided
Criteria (This assignment accounts for 20% of final marks in this subject)
• Content 60% • Format 20%
• Grammar 20%