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Assignment 1 – Literature Review
Topic: Cloud computing security with their mitigation techniques in the
banking sector
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
LO1: Formulate a critical understanding of research paradigms and techniques and evaluate their contribution to a specific area of investigation.
LO2: Propose, combine and evaluate literature relevant to a chosen research topic
LO3: Organise and originate research literature
LO4: Plan and document a postgraduate research
Specifically, your literature review should include:
• A critical justification of your research.
• A demonstration of your ability to synthesise and logically present information
• An extensive critical analysis of the salient topics related to your proposed area of research.
• A high standard of referencing that adheres to university standards
Minimum Secondary Research Source Requirements:
Level HE7 - It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include four refereed academic journals and five academic books.
Follow this flow chart: