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Assessment 3: Literature review
Your task is to prepare a critical literature review based on your Assessment 2 problem statement. The materials on writing a critical literature review will be covered during Week 3 of the unit. This assessment requires you to:
1. Present your problem statement from Assessment 2.
2. Write a critical literature review (length up to 1000 words excluding reference list) that evaluates a minimum of five (5) references from the academic literature (books and/or academic journal articles) relevant to your research idea.
3. Provide a reference list using the Harvard referencing system.
4. Turnitin – examine your Turnitin Originality Report for this assessment to make sure your similarity score is low and you are rewriting ideas from the literature either a) in your own words or b) using formal quotations as necessary. This is important as failure to do so amounts to plagiarism.
Marking criteria
1. Range, relevancy and quality of literature related to the research question 35%
2. Development of a well-structured, critical argument 40%
3. Clarity of expression throughout the review 15%
4. Referencing (within review and reference list) 10%

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1446 words including Figures and References

Note: It is based on previous assignment.

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