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Nurs 5165 Due by 15/04/22
3 different papers/activities/ 3 different documents not 1
Assessment Task
Online Activities requirements for grading:
Students must use the template to complete the assessed activities which can be downloaded from the learnonline site under the link- Assessment information, Submission links, Marking rubrics, and Assessment forms.
1. Assessed Activity: 1.4 – Principles of mental health care of older people experiencing mental health issues. Word count: 650 words,
2. Assessed Activity: 2.3 – Enablers of ethical, legal, regulation and policy aspects of practice in relation to the care of older peopled experiencing mental health conditions (BPSD and least restrictive practices). Word count: 650 words, and
3. Assessed Activity 2.4 - Legislation, regulation and models of care that underpin holistic compassionate/person-centred care of older people experiencing mental health conditions. Word count: 650 words.