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UU-MBA-741-ZM Business Data Communication and Security
Assignment 2
Dear students,
This is your second assignment for this course that accounts for 50% of your total marks for the course.
Please answer and elaborate on the following questions:
1. List and briefly define categories of passive and active security attacks. Elaborate on your answer.
2. What are the roles of the public and private key in Cryptography? Please elaborate on your answer.
3. What are typical phases of operation of a virus and a worm? Describe and elaborate on each of them.
4. In what ways is denial of service (lack of availability for authorized users) a vulnerability to users of single-user personal computers? Please elaborate to explain your point of view.
5. What are the benefits that can be provided by an intrusion detection system? Justify your answer with facts.
6. List and describe four techniques used by firewalls to control access and enforce a security policy. Please elaborate on your answer.
7. What are the principal differences between version 4 and version 5 of Kerberos? Please elaborate on your answer.
8. What are the differences between a policy, a standard, and a practice? What are the three types of security policies? Where would each be used? What type of policy would be needed to guide use of the Web? E-mail? Office equipment for personal use?
Word Count: 3000 words (maximum)
Submit to VLE the following:
Your answers in a pdf document.
Your work needs to be well written and have quality information. Your work must be clear and must be able to educate someone with no prior knowledge in the field of Data Communication.
• Please read and apply the rules for referencing.
• The assignment is your own individual work. I expect all sent assignments to
UU-MBA-741-ZM Business Data Communication and Security
be very different from one another even if they are based on the same topic.
• The deadline is the end of week 7.
• This is worth 50% of your mark
UU-MBA-741-ZM Business Data Communication and Security

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