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Assessment Task 1: Short Essay
Unit Weighting
Task description
You will complete a 500-word essay drawing on and demonstrating skills practised in class.
For the final assignment (described below), in addition to further tasks, you will have the opportunity to re-submit a revised version of your essay as part of your final portfolio.
Links to unit’s intended learning outcomes
1, 2, 3
Task length
500 words
Date due
Wed July 7th by 11.59 pm
Submission method
All assessments for this unit are submitted through MyLO. Files must be submitted in Microsoft Word-compatible format, or as a PDF file.
Assessment criteria
1. Write a complete and coherent introduction.
2. Write in complete, focused and coherent body paragraphs.
3. Write a complete and coherent conclusion.
4. Write in clear and appropriately formal academic English.
5. Deploy evidence from appropriate sources to support your points.
6. Reference sources according to academic standards.
Assessment Rubric (MS Word document version).