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here my 2ad assessment, please do this assessment related to the first onewhich is youdone it as Man 21319683 thanks .
2.5.2 Progress report Weight: 25% Type of Collaboration: Individual Due: Week 7 Friday midnight Submission: Online Submissions via Turnitin Format: 1000 Words Maximum Length: 1000 words Curriculum Mode: Report The Progress Report must show a clear framework of the Final Report outlining the likely contents to address the specific objectives of the Project. The comprehensiveness of the review and the creditability of sources of information are necessary for the analysis of critical and contrasting views on the subject which lead to the possible endings and conclusions (tacit knowledge) on the subject. The use of surveys is not considered appropriate to this unit nor expansion of work previously submitted by the student. This will be assessed under the following headings: (1) Framework or outline (table of contents) (50%); (2) Comprehensiveness (20%); (3) Credible sources of information (10%); (4) Critical and contrasting view (10%); and (5) some initial analysis (10%). Marking Criteria: Marking criteria are available in the Lecture notes and will be discussed during the lectures

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