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Marking Guidelines Coursework
International Financial Management for
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Financial Performance
1. Discuss the three dimensions of the Ben & Jerry’s mission statement.
(6 marks) In your answer explain if three dimensions are compatible with each other or there are conflicts among them.
(2 marks) Identify some examples of corporate policy conflicting responses.
(7 marks)
(Total 15 marks) 2. Discuss the alternative view that the wealth maximisation benefits all stakeholders.
(5 marks)
3. Evaluate the performance of the three dimensions in question 1 above,
(3 marks) The students should provide the evidence for each of the objectives given in the case.
(4 marks each=12 marks)
(Total 15 marks)
4. Discuss as to why Ben & Jerry’s became a takeover target. Main reason
(2 marks)
Providing appropriate evidence.
(7 marks)
Explain if the current investors will support any of the takeover offers.
(6 marks)
(15 marks)
5. Estimate the fair value of the company based on multiples (Use the investor multiples of comparable firms listed in case Exhibit 6 and the financial data in case Exhibit 1 to calculate implied stock prices).
Implied Share Price based on Comparable Multiples: 2 marks each price based on P/E and P/B ratio for 4
Comparable Firm Multiple
(16 marks)
The students should review and weigh the wide range of estimates to obtain a single value estimate compared with the pre-offer stock price.
(10 marks)
Do you think the current takeover offers are justifiable?.
(4 marks)
(30 marks)
6. Assume you are an independent director on the board of the company for the last 5 years. Would you defend the agenda of the current management team or support one of the acquisition offers?
(8 marks)
7. Discuss briefly the takeover defence strategies used by the management of the company
(4 marks)
the state of Vermont
(2 marks)
explain if you support the use of such strategies?
(6 marks)
(12 marks)
Word Count 3500±10% excluding calculations and headings and references.

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