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Case Study 1 - Q2

It comes to your attention that the staff you supervise at Macville are not achieving the desired work performance levels and objectives. Identify 3 strategies that can be used to maximize work performance of staff. (Discuss in 75-100 words).
Case Study 1 - Q3

List 5 barriers and constraints that might interfere with maximising work performance and outcomes in a team at Macville. Create 3 strategies to address these barriers. (Discuss in 100-150 words).
Case Study 1 - Q4

How can you revise objectives and strategies of Macville based on the feedback received from stakeholders to continuously improve?
Case Study 1 - Q5

When monitoring staff progress against objectives, explain any 3 types of data that might be collected and used as part of reporting information in accordance with organisational procedures? Discuss in 120–150 words.
Case Study 2 - Q1

Read the below case study and answer the questions that follows:
Healthcare Australia aims to be the number one provider of Healthcare professionals in Australia. Healthcare Australia is an organisation that currently employs 1500 Healthcare professionals with two sites, in Victoria and NSW and seeks to expand its operations and open another office in Perth.
As an organisation our vision is to provide:
? the best qualified and trained human resources available for clients
? up-to-date technology in all services for both clients and staff
? innovative best practices and procedures from both inside and outside the organisation
? best facilities and procedures in a competitive environment.
To address the future needs of the organisation, Healthcare Australia aims to recruit a further 500 of the best possible healthcare professionals available, in three stages, over the next five years.
Key tenets of our recruitment and selection policy are:
? managers will assume major responsibility for the recruitment and selection of staff, the training of required personnel and supporting documentation
? HR department will support managers in this role
? timeframe for recruitment and selection will be two to three weeks maximum
? position analysis will be conducted on all vacant or new positions
? all vacant and new positions will be advertised internally and externally for ten working days unless special exemptions apply and be advertised online and in leading national newspapers
? special exemptions to internal recruitment must be approved by the general manager
? all interviews must be conducted by a trained selection panel
? selection of staff is subject to reference checks conducted by the manager
? Healthcare Australia is an equal opportunity employer.

Q1: You are collecting information about a staff member Rose. Rose asks whether Healthcare Australia has a right to disclose her personal information to others or whether she can expect total confidentiality.

a. What are her rights under privacy legislation? (75–100 words)
b. List 5 things an organisation and its workers can do to maintain confidentiality in relation to staff processes to protect individuals? ((Discuss in 120-150 words).
Case Study 2 - Q2

Discuss Healthcare Australia resourcing and staffing needs and plans. (150–180 words)
Case Study 2 - Q3

Create a recruitment process for Healthcare Australia (120-150 words)
Case Study 2 - Q4

You are participating in the recruitment process. The interview panel has narrowed the candidates for a new position down to two applicants; Rebecca and Martin. One of the interviewers suggests that Martin should not be hired because he is fat and this means that he is lazy. What is wrong with this attitude? (120–150 words)
Case Study 2 - Q5

Create an induction program at Healthcare Australia for a new staff joining the department or existing staff moving from another department. Use the following template:

Time Event Who Where Completed

Case Study 2 - Q6

Explain any 2 methods that can be used to provide ongoing support to new and existing staff at Healthcare Australia to promote quality outcomes. (120–150 words)
Case Study 2 - Q7

You want to undertake some training on creating job descriptions; however, your manager does not see the benefit of this training. Should Healthcare Australia Manager encourage and facilitate staff access to this training? Discuss 3 reasons in 120–150 words.
Case Study 2 - Q8

What are the six steps in the referral process? Give examples of any 3 service providers that Healthcare Australia can collaborate with to meet service and referral needs. (120–150 words)
Case Study 2 - Q9

Create performance management process of Healthcare Australia. Include how you can document employee’s performance at Healthcare Australia
Case Study 2 - Q10

How would you counsel and discipline employees who perform below standard in the following situations. Create a performance improvement and development plan for each of the following situations:

Situation Performance Improvement Plan
An employee’s father has recently passed away. He was the sole carer for the employee’s mother who has dementia. As a result they are often unable to come to work because they have to look after their mother. They have been distracted when they can come to work and make more errors than usual. They have had a lot of time off and often have to leave work early. The employee’s mother will be moving into a nursing home in three months. Prior to this the employee’s performance was always excellent.
An employee’s performance is identified as being unsatisfactory. The reasons for the employee’s poor performance are unclear
An employee’s behaviour at work has become erratic and their performance has slipped markedly. They often seem sleepy, have bloodshot eyes and have sudden mood swings. They slur their words and their personal grooming has markedly decreased. When the manager speaks to the employee, the employee admits that they have a problem with drugs but tell the manager they do not know where to turn to get help.
Case Study 2 - Q11

What are the timeframes to conduct performance appraisal sessions? (80 words)
Case Study 2 - Q12

Neil is friendly, highly motivated and enjoys leading his large team in Healthcare Australia. However, when under pressure his communication with his team can deteriorate as he becomes too directive and impatient.
Neil’s manager has observed his communication style and the difficulties it causes within the team. How will you coach Neil to find alternative ways of dealing with this pressure? Also explain additional support that can be provided in accordance with role and organisation procedures?

Neil’s manager has observed his communication style and the difficulties it causes within the team. How will you coach Neil to find alternative ways of dealing with this pressure? Also explain additional support that can be provided in accordance with role and organisation procedures?

Case Study 3 - Q1

Read the below case study and answer the questions that follows:
You are the Operations General Manager at Real estate agency. You are responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. You oversee the coordination of activities that occur within the Residential, Commercial, and Investments branches of the company. You are responsible for overseeing projects which affect operations of the organisation as a whole. You work with the HR manager to coordinate systems and projects to achieve cooperation and coordination across the company.
You have initiated and begun implementation of a change strategy to improve organisational culture and ensure ethical and legal compliance of agents. Key outcomes of the strategy will be:

? development of an ethics charter for the business based on WHS responsibilities and REIV Code of Conduct
? revisions made to existing policies and procedures to incorporate use of charter by agents
? training for managers and agents on use of charter, WHS responsibilities and legal/ethical responsibilities

Q1: Conduct a training needs analysis for a staff member by comparing the knowledge and skills they already have to those required to perform job using this table. Rate each of the following areas accordingly using the following:

E- Excellent
AB- Above average
N- Needs improvement

Rate current knowledge Rate current skills
Facilitating meeting/discussions
Making presentations
Analysing budgets and /or market information
Working with others
Collaborating and consulting with others
Conflict management
Management and leadership
Problem solving
Leading others
Managing time
Motivating others
Case Study 3 - Q2

List 5 topics that might be included in ethics charter at real estate agency. Explain how you can align practices with the values, ethical guidelines, policies and procedures of the organisation. (100–150 words)
Case Study 3 - Q3

Draft a guideline or procedure for real estate agency that can ensure any personal or social contact with clients does not affect the supervision process. Explain how the real estate agents can adequately address multiple relationships.
Case Study 3 - Q4

What should you do to build positive relationships and cooperative work practices with staff members at real estate agency? (180–220 words)
Case Study 3 - Q5

One of the employee at real estate agency, James, is often sarcastic and rude to the employees he manages. James does not listen to them, calls them names, and labels any mistakes that are made as stupid. Explain why this is wrong and the need to model and promote effective communication and listening skills in the workplace. (150–180 words)
Case Study 3 - Q6

Identify 5 possible causes of conflict in real estate agency. Explain any 3 strategies to address conflict situation.
Case Study 3 - Q7

When should mediation be provided to address conflict situation in real estate agency? Who should act as a mediator? Discuss in 120–150 words.

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